Technical support

Take some time to look at the Help page and the FAQ for detailed technical help on the most common issues and questions. These pages are there to help you, please use them.

When you have gone through the above pages and still need to contact us for technical support, please provide us with the following information, so that we can understand your problem and help you as quickly as possible:
1. What computer/device are you using?
2. What operating system and browser are you using?
3. Where on the website are you? Please provide a link/URL.
4. What are you trying to do and what happens? Be as detailed as you can and include screenshots if you can.
5. Are you getting any error messages? If so, what do they say?
6. Please include your username.
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Questions about your account or payment

Please include your account details, the email address that you first sign up with and/or the Paypal transacion ID from the receipet you received when you first sigend up, so we can confirm your subscription and account details.

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Guest suggestions and other issues

Include links and as much information about your request as possible.

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