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Insight - Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture
March 14, 2015
Western culture has come to define itself through an alien ideology disseminated through Hollywood. It is a superimposed culture, a fantasy structure that we're all living in. True Western European values have been replaced by another, a new global religion called Hollywoodism. Who is behind this new ruling ideology, re-defining western culture.

Insight - Saint George and the "White Whore"
November 6, 2014
Lana Lokteff from Radio 3Fourteen and Red Ice Creations reviews the propaganda found within the TV show Saint George, starring George Lopez. She’ll also take a look at the politics of George Lopez’s stand-up comedy and discuss the strained relationship between Latinos and European Americans.

Insight - Anchorman 2 Review & The Politics of Will Ferrell
July 17, 2014
Henrik and Lana analyze the propaganda found within the movie Anchorman 2. They’ll also examine the actor Will Ferrell, his double standards, and his Funny or Die posse that includes producer Judd Apatow and writer/producer Adam McKay. What is the purpose behind the progressive’s politically correct agenda pushed in Hollywood entertainment?

Insight - Pirate Bay Co-founder in Solitary Confinement
December 19, 2013
We examine why Pirate Bay Co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg currently is in solitary confinement in Denmark.

Insight - A Nuke in Charleston, SC?
September 11, 2013
A military source, unknown to us, recently reported to Infowars a secret transfer of nuclear weapons from a base in Texas to the East Coast of the United States. Rumors are now that Charleston in South Carolina might be the target of a false flag nuclear event around the 12th anniversary of 9/11. John Kale, our correspondent who is in Charleston, reports to us via video what the last few uncertain days have been like in the tourist dense town. John attempts to add some more information to the story and share his observations on any out of the ordinary activity that would suggest that there is any truth to these rumors.

Video - Was Michael Hastings Murdered?
June 29, 2013
What happend to Michael Hastings? The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated. Hastings died last week in Hollywood when his car hit a tree at high speed. According to a prominent security analyst, technology exists that could’ve allowed someone to hack his car. Former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Clarke told The Huffington Post that what is known about the single-vehicle crash is “consistent with a car cyber attack.” Clarke said, “There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers” — including the United States — know how to remotely seize control of a car. Kathleen Fisher from DARPA recently did a presentation on the ease of hacking a standard american sedan. Volvo started the SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) program in 2009 and they are now reporting that their testing has been "successfully completed." Hacking of a lemmings train like Volvo's, could lead to massive collisions on the roads and there should be major security concerns considering what recently has been learned about hacking of vehicles.

Henrik Palmgren - The Hidden Roots of the European Union
February 20, 2010
This is Henrik Palmgren's first public presentation on "the Hidden Roots of the European Union" filmed in Bath, UK the 20th of February 2010 at the ARC Convention. We start with the mythology in this presentation and focus on the story of the Phoenician Princess Europe and the abduction by Zeus or the Bull. We look at Knossos, Crete, Snake Goddesses, The Heaven and the Sea, Eve, Idun, the Snake, Knowledge, Who is Europa? Discussed is the Maritime Connection and Navigation Symbolism, The Watchers, Eye Symbolism, Bull Leaping, Woman of the Apocalypse, Mother Mary, Isis, Sun & Moon Symbolism, Statues and Buildings at the important European centers Strasbourg and Brussels, the Parliament Building, Louse Wise, Tower of Babel, Venus, Female, Lucifer, 12 Stars and Flag symbolism, Roman Catholic Connection, Jesuits, Biblical Symbolism, "All Seeing Europe", Revelations and Bible Prophecy Fulfilled? The "Apocalypse Program", The Symbolism behind the Euro €, Revolutionaries & Revolutionary Symbolism, Illuminati, Historical Unification Attempts in the Past, The "Founding Fathers" of Europe, The Hapsburgs, Jose Manuel Barroso, Communism, Socialism, EU as Empire, The Treaty of Rome and the Signing of Blank Pages, The New Holy Roman Empire, EWPA-128, The Red House Report, Count Richard Cudenhove Kalergi, Otto von Hapsburg, Paneuropean Union, Paul-Henri Spaak, Baron Robert Rothschild, Konrad Adenauer, Joseph Bech, Johan Willem Beyen, Alcide De Gasperi, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Etienne, Viscount Davignon, "All Roads Lead to Rome", Herman van Rompuy, Prince Philip, Green Taxes, Signing of the Lisbon Treaty Symbolism, Enlightenment Symbolism, Knights of Malta, Blackwater, Corruption Allowed.

David Icke - Origins and Symbolism of the EU
October 30, 2009
We discuss the Origins and the Symbolism of the European Union with David Icke. The EU is the reemergence of the (Holy) Roman Empire. We talk about the Catholic/Vatican influences in the EU and the Royals, especially the Hapsburgs, who are behind its inception. We talk about Religious Symbolism and the Babylonian/Sumerian Origins of those Symbols. Where is the EU heading with the Lisbon Treaty?

Film - Rosicrucian Park Tour
October 16, 2009
In June 2009 while filming in California we stopped by the Rosicrucian Park in San Jose. Take a walk with us on the grounds as we look at the monuments, statues, architecture, sphinxes, the obelisk, murals, Akhenaton's shrine and the Francis Bacon auditorium. We explore some of the symbolism and the origins of AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) as well as the founder Harvey Spencer Lewis and his son Ralph M Lewis. We point out the Roman-Egyptian connection. Also, we mention Pierre S Freeman's controversial testimony about AMORC's methodology of mind control. Follow us as we take a peek inside the Egyptian Museum and look at the Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian artifacts and examine the "Judgment of Osiris" mural.

Film - Architects of Control
August 2, 2009
Red Ice Creations, Blue Fire Film & Michael Tsarion Present Architects of Control - Program One - Mass Control and the Future of Mankind. Produced by Red Ice Creations, Blue Fire Film and Michael Tsarion, Architects of Control: Program One, explores humankind’s future and the posthuman world. Will the “perfect” human be a dumbed down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of a technocratic dystopia?

Freeman - Obama, Cloning & The Sorcerers of Atlantis
May 31, 2009
Freeman gives an Excellent Presentation in London at the Alternative View II Conference on Obama, The Coming Space War, Human Cloning, the Royal and Egyptian Connection, Akhenaton, HAARP, the Sorcerers of Atlantis, Stargate Atlantis, The Antichrist, Apophis, Mabus and much more.

Adrian Gilbert - The Invisible College & The Orion Stargate
May 30, 2009
Adrian Gilbert is the co-author of a number of bestselling books like "The Orion Mystery", "The Mayan Prophecies", "Magi" and "Signs in the Sky". Adrian joins us for a discussion about "The Invisible College" and the Orion Star Gate.

Brian Gerrish - Common Purpose & Neuro Linguistic Programing
May 29, 2009
We talk with researcher Brian Gerrish about the Charity Organization Common Purpose, the founder Julia Middleton, Mind Control, Hypnosis and the Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques that they use to "invade" the minds of politicians and other "leaders" of Society.

Webcast - Michael Tsarion - The Brotherhood of Death - Part Two - Antiquity & Knights Templar
March 19, 2009
This is part two of our series with Michael Tsarion on the Brotherhood of Death. Go here to watch part one. In part two we look at the Question of Antiquity, The Catholic Fraternities, Alleged Rivalries, Knights Templar. We'll also look into: Masonic Symbolism, Catholic Fraternities, the Knights Templar, the Nazi Connection and much more. Further ahead in the series we'll discuss corruption and masonry and also the fascinating ripper case and the connection to masonry. This is not to be missed!

Webcast - Michael Tsarion - The Brotherhood of Death - Part One - Masonry & Judaism
March 1, 2009
This is part one of a series with Michael Tsarion on the Brotherhood of Death. We are going to examine freemasonry, the roots, masonry and the connection to Judaism, symbolism, the Royal connections and the question of hierarchy. We'll look into: Holarchy versus Hierarchy, Imperialism Old and New, Colonization and Colonialization, The Rule of Psychopaths, Origin of the Jews, the Gaonim, the Sadducees, Zadokites, Essenes, Cistercians, Templars, Teutons, the etymology of the name David, the Dividers, Masonic Symbolism, the Twins, the Tree of Life Symbol. Further ahead in the series we'll discuss corruption and masonry and also the fascinating ripper case and the connection to masonry. This is not to be missed!

Webcast - Chris Knowles - Dubai, Atlantis & Obama Sirius Election Symbolism
December 6, 2008
We begin this program to look at the Hotel Atlantis opening Ceremony at The Palm in Dubai and move on to discuss the Obama Sirius election symbolism with Chris Knowles from "The Secret Sun". We discuss: The Ancient God's, Annunaki, Space, NASA, Project Diana, US Military, New Jersey, New York, UFO sightings, Egypt, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Bruce Springsteen, Phoenix, Obama, 08 Election, Dog Symbolism, Sirius Symbolism, Horus, Rebirth, Freemasonry, 9/11, World Trade Center, The World Financial Center, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Monolith, Kubrick, Disclosure, UFO Cover Up and much moe.

Ian Crane - Codex Alimentarius and the New World Order
November 30, 2008
Ian R Crane was in Sweden doing a few talks and we hooked up with him for an hour to talk about everything from Codex Alimentarius to how the human race is slowly being altered or changed through GMO, DNA manipulation and much more. We discussed transgenics, Eugenics, Georgia Guidestones, Depopulation, the EU, National Sovereignty, International Law, Politicians, Whistleblowers, The New World Order, the "gods" of the Ancient World, Iraq War, Monsanto, Genetic Manipulation, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, Zbigniew Brzezinski and much more.

Webcast - Jake Kotze - JC Movie Synchromysticism
November 16, 2008
We explore the "composite characters" Jim Carrey (JC) and Jennifer Connelly (JC) from a Synchromystic perspective with Jake Kotze from "The Blob". We discuss: The Man on the Moon, DNA, God, Slave, Osiris, The Fool, The Tarot, Black Madonna, The Goddess, ISIS, 9/11, WTC, Walking on Water, Dark Water, Star Gate, Mirror, Water Door, The Veil, Alchemy, Crystal, The Black Star, Galactic, Center, Esoteric Christianity, Christian Symbolism, Eve, Snake, Beelzebub, Cube, Cross, Devil, The Abyss, Egyptian Symbolism, St Patrick, the Green man and much more. Join us as we look into these subjects with the aid of clips from the following films: Truman Show, Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Almighty, Phenomena, Labyrinth, Rocketeer, House of Sand and Fog, Requiem For A Dream, Hulk, Dark Water, A Beautiful Mind, Dark City and The Matrix. Do not miss this program!

Webcast - Christopher Moors - Halloween Special - The Living Dead
October 31, 2008
Christopher Moors from creativecosmos.orgjoins us for our Halloween special about the living dead. When we come in we've just talk briefly about the background of Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead and a little bit about the "importance" or significance of death. We move on to discuss the phenomena vampires, the living dead and Zombies as a metaphor for the living dead. We talk about the cyborg, the human robot, emotions, the soul and disconnection from our spirit. How to deal with anger, rage, fear and how to "proactively radiate". In the second segment we begin to about our leaders or misleaders, we ask the question of they simply are representations of the collective unconscious or if they really could be daemon possessed leaders. What about the concept of walk-ins, have their bodies been taken over by evil forces? We move on to talk about the death of the ego and resurrection into a new spiritual life. Do not miss this program! Please Observe: This first segment with Christopher Moors unfortunately is missing the first half due to an error that occurred during the recording of the live feed.

Webcast - Michael Tsarion - Chronology of Tyranny
October 19, 2008
Join us for an excellent three part live program with Michael Tsarion, author of The Irish Origins of Civilization. We discuss the chronology of tyranny, timelines, the rise of empires around the world and we look back into history to discover the roots of tyranny and dictators. We begin the first segment to talk about the origins, the psychology of Akhenaton, the dragon court, Akhenaton as Moses, the origins of Monotheism, Freud, Solar Cultism, Amenism & Atenism, Egypt, the Bible, biblical characters as Pharaohs of Egypt, Sol Invictus, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism and much more. We begin the second segment to talk about the Exodus & the Hyksos. We then move on to discuss the Invasion of Atonism in Britain & Ireland. We talk about the Knights Templar and the Masons. We end the second segment to specifically look into the timelines, the dates of rise and fall of Empires, movements and invasions. In our final and third "bonus" segment we dive deeper into the Druidic and Irish symbolism that are prominent throughout the world today. We look at some of the symbols of Politics, Science, Christianity, Royalty, America, Nazi Germany, the UN and much more. Do not miss this program!

Webcast - Daniel Tatman - The Bath Mystery's: Alchemical Architecture
October 4, 2008
We continue our series with Daniel Tatman, author of the upcoming book "The Bath Mystery's". We begin with a short overview of Bath, England and set the tone before we proceed to show the open and veiled Masonic cornerstone markings throughout the city. We move around in Photosynth and show photos while we talk about the history and hidden symbolism at the Royal Crescent, the Victoria Monument (the obelisk), Bath Cathedral and Queens Square, and we briefly discuss the Circus. Topics Discussed: John Wood, Queen Victoria, Obelisks, Lions, Sphinxes, Symbolism, Stone Carvings, Fresco's, Alchemy, Emblems, Geometry, Sun & Moon, Numbers, Lines, Angles, Angels, Jacob's Ladder, Statues, Religion, Druidism, Oak leafs, Rose, Tree's, Hitler's Occult Warfare, Babylon, Sumer, Sumerian Symbolism, Egypt, God & Gods, Male & Female and much more. Don't miss this excellent program with Daniel Tatman.

Michael Tsarion - Exoteric & Esoteric Christianity
May 8, 2008
We sat down with Michael Tsarion to discuss his presentation and his research surrounding his book "Irish Origins of Civilization". We discuss Religion, Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity, Jesus, Luciferianism, Satanism, The Irish Origins of Civilization and much more.

David Hatcher Childress - Ancient Civilizations & Megalitc Monuments
May 7, 2008
We did a brief interview with David Hatcher Childress, publisher, adventurer and author of "Mystery of The Olmecs" and the "Lost Cities" book series. We briefly discuss some of his research into ancient civilizations, monuments and megaliths.

Jerry E. Smith - HAARP & Weather Warfare
May 6, 2008
We talked with Jerry E Smith, the author of "Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy" and "Weather Warfare - The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature", about his research on HAARP, Weather Warefare, Mind Control, The Green Agenda (the Watermelons), the New world Order and much more.

Kenn Thomas - The Octopus
May 5, 2008
We hooked up with Kenn Thomas from "Steamshovel Press" and the co-author of "The Octopus" to discuss his talk at the conference, his research surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination, Oswald, Mind Control, The Secret Government, The Maury Island UFO Incident, 9/11, Religion and much, much more.

Ralph Ellis - King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot
May 4, 2008
We sat down with Ralph Ellis to discuss his talk at the conference, his research surrounding Jesus and his latest book "King Jesus: From Egypt (Kam) to Camelot". We discuss the Hyksos, Egypt, Israel, The Identity of Jesus (of Gamala), The Bible, The Exodus and Exiles, St Paul (Saul) as Josephus Flavius, Cleopatra, Persia, Syria, Palmera, Empires of the Ancient World, Royal Bloodlines, Science, Enlightenment, The Renaissance, Religion, Gnosticism, Religious fanaticism and much more.

Marcus Allen - Faked US Moon Landings, Ancient Civilizations & Egypt
May 3, 2008
We sat down with Marcus Allen, the UK distributor of "Nexus magazine", for a very interesting discussion about everything from the alleged US moon landings, the NASA Space program, the Russian Space Program, the Moon, the Van Allen radiation belt, the Electric Universe theory, Mars, Venus, Planet X, Ancient Civilizations, Sumeria, The Annunaki, Archeological Anomalies, the Aswan quarry in Egypt, AIDS/HIV and much more.

Webcast - Chris Knowles - Hollywood, Movie Symbolism & Freemasonry
March 30, 2008
Chris Knowles joins us for our first live broadcast to talk about his blog Secret Sun, Hollywood, movie symbolism and much more. We talk about the ancient mysteries and the connection between the x-files and the Osiris, Isis & Horus story. We also discuss freemasonic ritual, fraternal orders, initiation, solar symbolism and how this is communicated in movies like Solaris, 40 year old virgin, Dark City, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and other films. In the second segment we continue to discuss freemasonry's involvement in the creation of Hollywood. We also discuss the movies 40 Year Old Virgin, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, androgyny, symbolic castration, the Tarot, the age of Aquarius, different Goddess traditions and cults, fraternal orders, the Babylon gate in Hollywood, The Symbolism of the Oscar Ceremony, The Kodak Theater, more on solar symbolism and the movie Dark City.

Film - Longevity & The Grail
October 18, 2007
This film explores the concept of the Holy Grail from an Occult and Symbolic Perspective by Analyzing some of the People behind the "New Crusade", for the Search for the Holy Grail. Scientists like J. Craig Venter and Gerontologist Aubrey De Grey are spearheading the way. Discussed DNA, The Holy Grail, Artificial Intelligence, Cloning, Methuselah, The Human Genome Project, The Raelians, Dolly The Sheep, The Grey's, The Singularity and much more.


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