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New: Russell Brand's Fantasy of a Socialist Egalitarian Utopia - October 27, 2013
In a recent diatribe on BBC, Hollywood actor Russell Brand with Jeremy Paxman spoke candidly about his desire to create a "Socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth and heavy taxation of corporations." In this commentary we question Brand's so called "good intentions" and how qualified he really is to talk about these topics as a multi-millionaire. More importantly, we discuss his connection to the Fabian Socialist magazine the "New Statesman," of which he was co-editing for a week before his senseless speech and call for a revolution on TV.

Andrew Johnson's False "Disinformation" Claim Against Red Ice Radio - June 5, 2013
In a recent article by Andrew Johnson, he claims that Red Ice Radio is part of a "9/11 Disinformation Promotion Brigade." In this commentary Henrik Palmgren explains why Andrew is wrong in his accusations. A common misconception and trap that many people fall into when contradicting material is presented, is to assume that itís designed to intentionally or unwittingly mislead or otherwise attempt to confuse the audience. It is neither to confuse nor intentionally spread "disinformation" as Andrew suggests. The process of letting the audience actively participate in the research process on their own is done for very intentional purposes. We believe that this is the most effective way of letting everyone utilize their critical abilities; as opposed to being spoon fed a biased, slanted view. Presenting opposing viewpoints is essential for people who want to both exercise their ability to deduct and choose what material they themselves want to further research and verify. Red Ice Radio, has from the start, held a position that nothing presented on the program should be perceived as the ultimate truth. We have frequently mentioned in our programs and commentaries that the purpose and function of this approach is not to offer a preconceived idea, but instead it forces people to think for themselves about every issue they hear. We think that the ability to make a judgment about the material should fall in the hands of the audience, not the program directors, editors or hosts.

Why Sweden is not the country you thought it was - May 27, 2013
In this commentary Henrik Palmgren analyzes the recent civil unrest and rioting in the immigrant dense suburbs outside Stockholm, Sweden. He talks about the media climate in Sweden which has done everything they can to fuel the fires. Henrik explains why the different sides are both right and wrong. Once again he refutes the Nordic Model as the promoted future "super model."

Commentary - January 12, 2013
Topics discussed: The year 2012 and the delayed implementation of monumental changes, government corruption and incompetence, gun control in the USA and Alex Jones' appearance on CNN with Pierce Morgan, coaxing out "revolutionaries," openly or secretly standing behind the right to to bear arms, Feinstein's New World Order plan to disarm the US.

Commentary - September 18, 2012
Topics discussed: dark energy, recent articles, chemtrails, organic food, zombie people, synthetic reality, pharmaceutical companies, conspiracy, fear mongering, analyzing information.

The Nordic Model - February 10, 2012
"The Nordic Model" is a template for global enslavement, an economic model that means monoculture and death to diversity. A new suggestion from the political over class in Sweden to push up the retirement age from 65 to 75, is a perfect example of the myth about a "Scandinavian Utopia". There is no such thing. We explain why in this commentary.

Occupy Hijacked - October 26, 2011
Topics discussed: #Occupy Wall Street, End the Fed, Fractional Reserve Banking, Anonymous, Hacktivism, Hypnotic Media Curtain, Marketing, Propaganda, Banksters, Glass-Steagall Act, Bretton-Woods System ...

Commentary - May 27, 2011
Topics discussed: Red Ice Radio five year aniversary, Wewelsburg in Germany, Nazi occultism, the artificial Moon, the new human zombie, modern vs classic, neo-euro style of architecture ...

Wikileaks - December 17, 2010
Topics Discussed: Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Pirate Bay, The Pirate Party, Chaos Computer Club, Skull and Bones Symbolism, PRQ, Anna Ardin...

The Venus Project - July 31, 2010
Topics Discussed: The Venus Project, The Implementation and the Philosophy Behind the Project, Fallacies and Critique, Nature...

Commentary - June 6, 2010
Topics Discussed: A Cosmic Re-boot, Will the Matrix Expire? Ideas Around a Cataclysm, Maybe Logic, Hidden Sacred Knowledge, the Life Review Process...

Commentary - March 19, 2010
Topics Discussed: The ARC Conference, TV Episode 4, mainstream scientists vs. metaphysical minded scientists, Imagination, Creating New Archetypes...

Commentary - February 10, 2010
Topics Discussed: Penspermia, Genetic Engineering, DNA, Earth Cycles, Planet Hopping, God, gods, Creators, Spiritual Realm, the Petri Dish...

Commentary - January 22, 2010
Topics Discussed: Haiti, HAARP, EISCAT, Norway Spiral, DNA Upgrades, Benevolent E.T. Helpers, Project Bluebeam, Pope Benedict...

Commentary - January 12, 2010
Topics Discussed: Favorite Radio Shows 2009, Guests and Topics for Red Ice Radio in 2010, Red Ice TV, 2012, COP15, The "Truth Movement"...