Webcast - Michael Tsarion - The Brotherhood of Death - Part One - Masonry & Judaism
March 1, 2009
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Comments (4)

Thanks for the comment Paul
Well said.
#4 - Willax - 06/04/2014 - 17:48
Good presentation -- some comments
I appreciate his sincerity and good intentions. I do have to say that his hierarchy comments are good but also somewhat naive. He promotes the religion of nature so here’s something else to consider.

The creation is highly stratified by the intensity of spirit, density of spirit and in material regions also by the % of spirit. The creation is divided in 2 naturally. That which is temporary or the material regions and that which is permanent or the purely spiritual regions. The material regions are divided in 2. Those regions where spirit is in greater % than matter and those regions where matter is in greater percent than spirit. In each of the 3 divisions (purely spiritual, spiritual / material and material / spiritual) there are 6 subdivisions (666), each division being divided in 2 sets of 3 again. In the spiritual/material the lower three are associated with the lower mind or a downward tendency and the upper 3 with the ’higher mind’ and looking towards the purely spiritual. This is mirrored in the body. There are conscious centers (spirits) that manage each region under a natural but controlled system and hierarchy. The human form is unique and has potential access to all 18 regions or is the keeper of the 666. 6 centers in the body (chakras) and 6 centers in the grey matter of the brain and 6 in the white matter associated with the purely spiritual. The Gouda Chakra or rectal chakra associated with elimination is not the same as the 3rd eye or 6th chakra which is not on par with the higher centers. You don t get to the purely spiritual from the 3rd eye alone. Hierarchy is natural and important but he s right that flattening the understanding to think of a 2 dimensional model is just a management/coping skill of those infatuated with control. Control really is the realm of the inadequate but in matter all spirits are inadequate. Everyone is benevolent only to the extent of their self interest. The reason the spirits are here and the material creates exist is to exhaust imperfections/impurities and blemishes that prevent the spirits from existing to their highest spiritual potential and well being in the purely spiritual division. The creation is not broken. The True Supreme Being is entirely in charge and incarnating consciously here and managing the evacuation of spirits home at a safe and merciful pace. The earth is, in a sense, the center of the universe as the current of redemption comes to earth first then goes elsewhere. A world here of peace, fulfilment and contentment now would only increase complacency towards an individual s spiritual welfare and perpetuate attachment to matter resulting in prolonged degradation and exploitation. The spirits at the top of the material regions (the Devil or Kal) have one primary law and that is ’keep the spirits focused on the material worlds’ (which is the primary job of illusion or the entity Maya). Thus dividing which is natural (as above so below) is applied unjustly. This is because the very life blood of the managers of the material worlds is vitality sucked from the spirits here and if a spirit goes home, not only does a food source leave but eventually the creations of matter will cease to exist. So we see a gradual escalation in ’divisiveness’ as a counter measure to the incarnation of Kabir and progressing to the manifestation of the True Supreme Being in the mid 1800s and the formal process of true salvation. As the saying goes ’A cool breeze still stirs up the dust’ . With the current of redemption now present here, there is a rise in consciousness of all being and that rise means more impurities are coming to the surface faster and more trauma in the world is what we see.
The material worlds are not our home. They are the most merciful way to exhaust our imperfections. We remove them ourselves through desires that manifest in the material worlds. We swim in a sea of ideas and desires broadcast to us. Our affinity with an idea or desire is often associated with an imperfection that is soon to be exhausted. These regions allow even the lowest of forms to remain conscious to some extent. Without being conscious the spirit cannot compel action (karma) to take place and no removal of primary karma (original sin) can occur and the purpose of the creations of matter would be for nothing. Spirits with heavy imperfections gather some spirit to them for their consciousness and remain conscious in descent within the plane they occupy by performing depraved acts. Thus the benefit to them, temporary as it is also necessary though repugnant. To them it is ’Empowering’ like a drug addiction might be to someone else. We exhaust imperfections along the lines of the 5 ’sins’ , lust, anger, greed, vanity, attachments.
So far as ’Nature as Religion’ , or for that matter the old religions of nature worship. Such practices are incapable of resulting in true salvation. They where prevalent of old not because they where efficacious but because at the time the vitality of the worlds was of a higher order, the spirits where thus more content and because of the amount of imperfections and impurities remaining to be eliminated, it was not the time for them to go home and these practices where thus suitable to their needs. A fundamental principle of creation is ’Maximum Pleasure, Minimum Pain’ . Thus a long golden age receding to a long but slightly less vital silver age declining to a more desperate bronze age and now a wanton iron age. Because of this principle however, this low vitality, depravity playhouse will gradually rise to a status not dissimilar from the golden age. But for that to happen a greater percent of spirits (all the spirits) in matter must be shed of a great deal of their primal karma and much of their secondary karmic debt of harm done while in matter. Along the way there will be lesser sine waves of highs and lows as needed to detach batches of spirits on their way to eternal satisfaction and harmony. Desires for the world stem from insufficiency (inadequacy) and imperfection and naivety. All pleasure and pair are the feeling of our own spirit. In the purely spiritual no such insufficiency exists all is known and all are fulfilled, all is inward and upward. Those who could not be conscious before where cast out for their own good and the good of the purely spiritual divisions. Those spirits will return attuned and harmonious and therefore fully able to be fulfilled and fully conscious for eternity. The creation is real, the conditions of imperfection are real and there is no safe and effective magic wand that solves this real, natural problem. The best solution possible is the scheme created by the True Supreme Being that we are participating in. The True Supreme Being is the highest and best state of spirit and is fortunalty, all merciful, all love, all knowing and entirely in charge. The spirits are allowed their wandering to facilitate their cleansing. But limits exist on the extent to which adverse activities are allowed to occur. The min and max ranges and usefulness of the creation is always maximized, in mercy, to get the spirits home the fastest. The path home will be for every spirit in time and that is the path of love but not fictional love but true real and down to earth heartfelt love for the True Supreme Being by associate with the current of redemption here not in symbol s or philosophies, fictions or fantasies. Personal experience with the True Supreme Being, in this world will facilitation our ascension via the current of redemption coming directly from the True Supreme Being and the true means of returning home.
#3 - paul - 10/01/2013 - 08:01
No matter how many times, over the years, I listen/read/hear Tsarion I learn something new. His lectures, etc, are always so stock full of referenced knowledge that one cannot possible absorb it in just one listen. Thank you, Henrik.
How about bring Michel back for any updates or new work?
#2 - kathleen m - 19/10/2012 - 22:50
Good stuff. Thank you!
#1 - Anders - 12/09/2012 - 18:22
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This is part one of a series with Michael Tsarion on the Brotherhood of Death. We are going to examine freemasonry, the roots, masonry and the connection to Judaism, symbolism, the Royal connections and the question of hierarchy. We'll look into: Holarchy versus Hierarchy, Imperialism Old and New, Colonization and Colonialization, The Rule of Psychopaths, Origin of the Jews, the Gaonim, the Sadducees, Zadokites, Essenes, Cistercians, Templars, Teutons, the etymology of the name David, the Dividers, Masonic Symbolism, the Twins, the Tree of Life Symbol. Further ahead in the series we'll discuss corruption and masonry and also the fascinating ripper case and the connection to masonry. This is not to be missed!



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