Webcast - Michael Tsarion - The Brotherhood of Death - Part Two - Antiquity & Knights Templar
March 19, 2009
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Comments (3)

Who's in charge
Michael stated that it is the Black Pope who is in charge. Some believe that it is actually the head of the Franciscan order, who are Venetians (Black Nobility/Khazars), as can be seen on their coat of arms. It has been stated that the Venetians own Thorn Island on the Thames River in England, upon which sits Westminister Abby, the site of Royal coronations and marriages. The crown thus bestowed on the monarch is the "crown of thorns." The Pope, the Black Pope and the head of the Franciscans are thus the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
#3 - James - 06/02/2013 - 20:49
Very nicely done... a comment too! :->
The way things work is that the spirits with these strong desires are allowed to express and fulfill their desires but in doing so the longer term results is never what they intended. For example they cultivate the media into existence for their propaganda but end up waking people up. The system as a whole worlds for the welfare of the spirits, to exhaust their imperfections. Once this is accomplished, the spirits have only to payoff debts for injustices they created in their many incarnations and then they can go home. Spirits sick and tired of the world should not be looked to fix the world but to abandon it for their true home. Spirits have become habituated to the material worlds over countless incarnations. The world is not the home of the soul.

There are natural flaws in the corporate system. For example it can not be real government or an extension of the ’People’ or living beings. It is inherently fiction and can only apply itself to other fictions. People must volunteer to the fiction. A Supreme Court judge (Bork I think) said something to the effect that people in prison are volunteers. The current "Legal System" in the US (which is corporate) can not operate on living sovereign spirits. So it gets the sovereign spirit to volunteer to be the accommodating party or the surety for the sins (charges) of the fiction (CAPITALIZED NAME). Government can never be a corporation. Yet, all so-called governments today are corporations into existence by the peoples willingness to accept the fraud as if it was reality. True "Government" does not exist but as the extension of the people in spirit, it can not be harmed as that would be harm to the people. The purpose of a corporation is to be subjected to punitive harm because it is not real it can not be subject to pain or really be harmed. Is it a ’Sin’ (bad karma) to harm a living being unless it has committed harm or clearly intends to harm another living being in the moment. So punitive harm can not be directly applied to a living being unless the living being volunteers, which in the minds of the psychos handlers transfers the karma from them to the volunteer. There is an awareness of this reality at high levels and they know that doing harm to a living being that does not accept it is a karmic debt they would incure. The higher ups are not just psychopaths. If they where we’d already be destroyed. The psychopaths are managed and balanced by the ’Elite’ that are just greedy, selfish, etc.. And they are all limited in what they can do by higher forces that do not want the creation destroyed. Even the Devil (Kal) wants this region preserved. Cycles of influence directed by him keep this region operating between it’s lower and upper bounds so it does not merge into the region below or above it.
#2 - paul - 12/01/2013 - 07:00
Much appreciated. Good work.

Keep it up!
#1 - Anders - 15/09/2012 - 19:53
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This is part two of our series with Michael Tsarion on the Brotherhood of Death. Go here to watch part one. In part two we look at the Question of Antiquity, The Catholic Fraternities, Alleged Rivalries, Knights Templar. We'll also look into: Masonic Symbolism, Catholic Fraternities, the Knights Templar, the Nazi Connection and much more. Further ahead in the series we'll discuss corruption and masonry and also the fascinating ripper case and the connection to masonry. This is not to be missed!



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