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Fair Benhall - Battling the Behemoth
July 12, 2007
Blogger, Fair Benhall from 'Battling the Behemoth' discusses contemporary events and the ideas and theories about the future. Topics Discussed: Al Gore & the Live Earth 777 concerts, bombs in London and 77, inauguration of Gordon Brown, VALIS & communion with non-physical intelligence, David Icke's experience in Peru, Goro Adachi, Jake Kotze, intuition, language, Madeleine Mccann, maritime signals, money making, the goddess, Greenwich, end of days, London olympics 2012, archetypes and DNA, ancient sites, Great Britain, the rise of the individual, frustrated rock stars, Bob Dylan, modern prophets, Friday the 13th, Britney Spears, Rosslyn Chapel, the bloodline agenda, crop circles and temple mounds, Albion and albino. For our members, we continue our excellent talk with Fair Benhall and speculate about the crop circle phenomena as well as the reptilians. Topics Covered: the 2012 scenario, Glastonbury Festival and RFID Cards, rock gods, Pete Doherty, Big Brother the TV show, the the unconscious conspiracy and the conscious conspiracy, the one world government, junk DNA and mind control.


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this guy is fascinating~ though he does have an awkward conversation style, it doesn't detract (for me, at least.) Going to check out the other interview with him (& Jake Kotze)~ would be great to see more current stuff from him here
#1 - pocahontas - 10/09/2014 - 23:49
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