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A.j. Bruno - Mind Control & The New Word Order: The Disease & The Solution
August 5, 2007
A.j. Bruno from OneHearthBooks.com returns to the program to continue discussing mind control and his own experience with EMF Weaponry. Topics Covered: physical effects of EMF, hearing voices, trouble sleeping, pulse waves, Mk-Ultra, CIA, Herman P. Schwan, Donald Ewen Cameron, his strange neighbor, A.j.'s parents, the police, mental hospitals, forced drugging, SSRI's, school shootings, the creation of manchurian candidates, UFO's and mind control and aliens. During hour two, we begin talking about A.j.'s interpretation of the "hum" sound that is associated with EMF weaponry. Also we talk about the effects of the bio electrical field of the human body as well as the mind. When HAARP became active in 2001 the humming sounds began, especially during the late night making it difficult for some to sleep. Are there other HAARP like facilities around the world that create a global grid? What is the point? A.j. shares his ideas on the connection between the New World Order agenda, HARRP technology and mind control.


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Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World - by Dr. Nick Begich (excerpt from Controlling the Human Mind) (pdf)

Wonder Weapons - U.S. News by Douglas Pasternak (pdf)

Microwave Harrassment and Mind-Control Experimentation - by Julianne McKinney (pdf)

Donald Ewen Cameron

Herman P. Schwan

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Books & DVDs

Controlling the Human Mind - by Dr. Nick Begich

Mind Control, World Control - by Jim Keith

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness - by Jim Keith

Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine

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