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Alan Watt - Future Studies, Collectivism & Culture of Death
August 12, 2007
Alan Watt, born in Scotland, is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man with a background in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For the first hour, Alan talks about future studies, scarcity and collectivism. We begin talking about weird weather, chemtrails, HAARP, climate change and the implementation of a global government propelled by global warming. Later, we discuss changing images of man, "A Computer-based Exploration of Alternative Futures for Mankind 2000", the individual vs. the collective, the hive, Tavistock Institute, Aldous Huxley and much more. In our members section, Alan addresses the danger of television, ”The Flicker and the Manipulation” and the sacrifice and acclimatization to the "Culture of Death". Other Topics Discussed: population control & reduction, abortion and stem cell research, vaccines, aluminum, aspartame, pharmaceutical companies, Bayer, cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, sacrifice, the acclimatization of the "Culture of Death", flashmobs, uprising, demonstrations, population anger, China, one child policy, population growth control, revelations and the mark of the beast.


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Books & DVDs

Reality Check Part 1

Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME

Information on Alan's Three Books: Cutting Through Volumes I, II and III

Ancient Religions and History MP3 CDs Part 1 (1998) & Part 2 (1998-2000) A Unique Penetrating Look Into the Past

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Alan Watt has never stooped to trying to "sugar coat the pill". He does not shrink back from slapping his audience with facts no matter how uncomfortable those facts might be. He does not wave a flag and soothe the audience with tales about how things are going to get better, or that things will be changing. and in the end everything is going to be alright.
Instead, Watt drives home how utterly hopeless things are - not just because of the Elite and their minions, but because of the masses, who in their present manifestation amount to nothing more than ANIMATED GARBAGE. As sinister and monsterious as the Elite and their stooges are, the masses are just as bad in terms of their mindless infantilism and imbecilic TRUE BELIEF.

When listening to any of the interviews featuring Watt, its easy to understand that the old saying of "IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK" applies to conditions today. It is astounding to watch and ponder the events taking place around the world and the behaviour of human beings in response to it all. Perhaps this is a natural process? Perhaps when the numbers of humans on the earth reach a certain point, insanity grips all levels of the species and it "culls" itself down to a very sparse number, afterwhich the whole sad, sick, sorry, pathetic routine begins again? But no matter what the ultimate reasons are that are driving this state of affairs, it is clear that the human species is circling the drain hole of the toilet bowl and its about to go straight down into the sewer.

The Prophets of "Hope" ( David Icke, Tsarion, Jones, etc. ) proclaim that somehow some way, HELP is on the way. This is nonsense of course. Listen to Watt. He is NOT exagerating in what he states. There is no help coming. Its a downhill slide into oblivion. Why? Because there is a symbiotic relationship in play now. The worthless, infantile, gutless, spineless masses and the sinister and diabolical Elite are made for each other. Each needs the other to survive. The masses want "Big Daddy" ( in the Vatican, Government, Medicine, Laboratory, University, Bank, etc. ) to handle everthing. The Elite want cyphers - robots - dregs - automatons to perform the tasks of keeping a global HIVE dominated by them in tact. But of course, the Elite are power-mad and are cursed with the habit of never knowing when to stop......never being satisfied. This will certainly lead to the extinction of the masses and depopulation of the globe.....and possibly the Elite ( unless backed and informed by a non-human praterhuman group of entities ) may end up caught in their own trap and facing the same fate. But either way; for the common people its a case of being "SHIT OUT OF LUCK" in spades.

Listen to Watt. Then have pleasant dreams.....if you still can!!!
#1 - 20seven - 12/04/2013 - 02:56
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