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Fair Benhall & Jake Kotze - Conspiracy & Synchronicity
December 20, 2007
Writers, Fair Benhall from Battling the Behemoth and Jake Kotze from The Brave New World Order join us for a two-hour special to discuss their time in the UK together. We talk about crop circles and the similarities & differences in their work. Ben and Jake share their views and theories about conspiracy, synchronicity, coincidence, the new world order, micro chipping, fighting the powers, "dropping out of society" and "communities" that are forming on the internet. Also, we discuss the future of mankind and society. Who is really in control? Do we really have the power to shape or create our world? Don't miss this interesting program!


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this was very enjoyable- the two together complement~ as Jake mentions toward the end, he speaks more upon belief systems opposed to the usual syncronisities. I'd love to hear more discussion from him or both of these guys along these lines. Though I'm sure others enjoy hearing him speak on his personal sync observations, I have found it redundant (in other talks).
#1 - pocahontas - 11/09/2014 - 02:11
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