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Henrik & Fredrik - London Tour
May 17, 2008
Brothers, Henrik & Fredrik of Red Ice Creations talk about the interesting places they visited during their trip to London. Topics Discussed: Cleopatra's Needle, the two sphinxes, The London Eye, Westminster, St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Church Yard, Anglican communion, Pater Noster Square, the Goose & Gridiron and the creation of the English United Grand Lodge of Freemasonry, empire, Cenotaph, war memorials, Whitehall Rd., Christianity and government control, Templar symbolism, Knights of Malta, British monarchs, religious iconography, Fleet River, Fleet Street and the Fleet Street dragon, admiralty law, Temple Bar, Temple Court, Temple of Mithras, Strand St., the city of London, College of Arms, Scientology Center in London, Blackfriars Bridge, Roberto Calvi "God's Banker", bank street, private army of London, the Queen Victoria Monument and much more.


Relevant links

Error Correction:
Henrik talks about HSBC in the program, this is not the same as Hudson Bay Company. These are two different companies and shouldn't be confused.

Cleopatra's Needle

City of London

City of London Corporation

St Paul's Cathedral

Paternoster Square

The Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Order of St. John, Knights of Malta, and Chevaliers of Malta)

Knights Templar

Knights Templar (Freemason degree)

United Grand Lodge of England

Structure of Freemasonry (image)

Order of the Garter

Order of the Thistle

Order of St Michael and St George

River Fleet

Fleet Street

Temple Bar, London

Inns of Court

Temple of Mithras, London

College of Arms


Bar Council

Bar Standards Board


Bar (counter)

Bar Merriam-Webste Dictionary

Jinn in Islam

One Thousand and One Nights


Livery Company

Order of precedence

Worshipful Company of Innholders

Admiralty maritime law

Admiralty law

Admiralty Arch

The Mall (London)

Victoria Memorial (London)

Buckingham Palace

Ludgate Hill

Scientology sets up house in the City of London

Blackfriars Bridge

Why was 'God's banker' killed?

"My God - they killed him!"

London Stone

The Largest Empire In the History of the World - Club of the Isles'

British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the 'The Kingdom of God on Earth' Deception

Ring of Power (Video)

New Zealand


Anglican Communion

Getafix (Asterix & Obelix)

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