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Karen Sawyer - Soul Companions
July 27, 2008
Karen Sawyer is a singer/songwriter, author of “Soul Companions” and “The Dangerous Man” and founder of the ARC (Alternative Research Community) Convention, bringing together a diverse range of individuals to share their knowledge and experiences. Born in Bath, England, she now lives on the south-western coast of Wales and is currently writing. For the first hour of this program, Karen discusses her book “Soul Companions”. The book is a compilation of interviews with 45 different contemporary wisdom keepers, teachers and shamans. Karen has picked out five to talk about: Tiokasin Ghosthorse, David Spangler, Sandra Ingerman, Simon Buxton and Michael Dunning. As our world rapidly moves towards ever greater spiritual, environmental and political challenges there is an urgent need for us to listen to respected healers, seers, visionaries and shamans. In our second segment we focus on Sandra Ingerman, Simon Buxton and Michael Dunning. We begin to discuss Sandra Ingerman, near death experiences, fear of death, being struck by lightning, Isis the archetype, feminine energy. Later, we discuss Simon Buxton and his book "The Shamanic Way of the Bee". We talk about "The Path of Pollen" and the brotherhood/sisterhood of the “Sacred Hive", an order that carries knowledge about the bee. We round things up by discussing Michael Dunning and the importance and significance of the Yew Tree.


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