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Michael Tsarion - Sorcerers and Magicians: Amenists, Atonists, Druids and Scythians
August 31, 2008
Michael Tsarion is a controversial alternative historian. He returns to the program to talk about his book "Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology" and his DVD about, ”Irish Origins of Civilization”. For this program, our theme is, ”Sorcerers and Magicians: Amenists, Atonists, Druids and Scythians”. This will take us from the ancient to the modern world. Later in the first hour, we discuss snake symbolism and the Egypt-Irish-Arya connection. During the members section interview, Michael talks about the Scythians, the Saca, Massagetae, Hyksos pharaohs, the Phoenicians, etymology, Atonists & Amenists, Roman elite families and Merovingians. We move on to talk about the origins of the new world order, secret societies and the sorcerers at the top at the pyramid. We also talk about the “outsider and the seeker”, Obama, the Russia-Georgia conflict and the administrators of the system, who are as willing servants. Later, we discuss the breakdown of the old Saturnian world order. What effect is the age of Aquarius having? Michael talks about deconstruction as opportunity and something positive.


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Comments (2)

"Eesus" is not the name of Jesus
Michael you need to brush up on your Hebrew, the name of Jesus is Yashua (Joshua), a common given name. In translation, it was Hellenized into the 'Eee-sus' you mentioned. Therefore, it is in no way similar to some Gaelic namesake that you surmise.
#2 - Eliyah - 25/02/2014 - 19:03
Jan 10/2013 Had not listened to this interview for some time, I'm so glad you have these archives. I find astro theology the most interesting and useful study in trying to understand these crazy times, really enjoyed this (and will again) Thanks so much guys!
#1 - Brenda - 11/01/2013 - 03:10
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