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Steve Willner - CERN, Movies & Symbolism
September 14, 2008
Video artist and occult synchromystic researcher Steve Willner from ”Labyrinth of the Psychonaut” returns to discuss his further exploration into CERN with Jake Kotze. Join us for a fascinating discussion. Topics Discussed: 666, WWW, spiritual science, Shiva, Higgs particle/God particle, Sscientist death threats, quakes, Dubai's Tower of Babel: Burj, Rik Clay, the watchers, fake alien invasion, Black Water, Bear Claw logo, Benjamin Fulford, Jericho, the all seeing eye, Sanpaku eye, 1776, 2010, 2012, hurricanes, oil, The Watchmen, 13th Floor, The Lawnmower Man, The Fisher King, The Matrix, the stars & movie stars, Babylon A.D., inspiration, working with the muse and much more. During the second hour, we talk more about Jake and Steve's collaboration as well as movies and symbolism. We also talk about the future, technology, the Internet, conspiracy, art, Rik Clay, Lawnmower Man 2, the importance of humor and much more.


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How does the Universe work and What is Reality?

Time is running out - literally, says scientist

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