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Christopher Moors - The Zen Eye of the Hurricane
September 21, 2008
Christopher Moors, a writer, artist, musician, and the one behind CreativeCosmos.org, returns to the show to discuss the ”zen eye of the hurricane”, the busy world rushing by and the importance of finding the eye of the storm, a place of calm, to make time to focus on ourselves, instead of focusing on all the problems in the world. We move on to discuss art, music and other forms of artistic expression as a form of therapy. Other topics explored include: inspiration, subconscious, learning about yourself, thinking outside the box, "the hollow bamboo", perspective on your life, be a mirror, reflect instead of react, being "cool", madness and the mind, letting the mind rest, Zen, suppressed emotions, illuminate the mind though the heart, communication, meditation, ego, ouroboros, where the west meets the east, integration, money and false values.


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