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Frank Albo - Freemasonry, Western Hermeticism & Occult Origins of the Manitoba Legislative Building
November 16, 2008
Frank Albo is a PhD candidate in the History of Art at the University of Cambridge where he specializes on the influence of Freemasonry in the nineteenth century architectural theory and historiography. His groundbreaking discoveries on the Freemasonic symbolism in the Manitoba Legislative Building have been featured in numerous articles, radio, and TV shows. He is also author of “The Hermetic Code”. For the first hour of this show, we discuss the roots of Freemasonry and the Hermetic Western Tradition, a set of philosophical and religious beliefs or gnosis based primarily upon the Hellenistic Egyptian pseudepigraphical writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus who is the representation of the conflation of the Egyptian god Thoth with the Greek Hermes. These beliefs have heavily influenced the Western Esoteric Tradition. During the second hour, we discuss the occult and astrological origins of the Manitoba Legislative Building. The Manitoba Legislative Building is the architectural gem of the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba, yet few people know of its occult secrets.


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Comments (2)

i like how he mentions that lucifer isn't satan, like jordan maxwell also claims.

i cant find musical credits for some of the songs at the end of the interviews. This song was especially fun and i wanted to see if they had more.
#2 - rabscuttle - 08/10/2012 - 20:27
This interview started out slow and i didn't think i would like it. And the quality was slightly low. But after i turned it up and started listening i really got into the spiritual creation of this building, not to mention his incredible insights in other areas. A very interesting take on numerology that i hadn't heard before, i would love to hear some more in all areas...is he coming back?
#1 - rabscuttle - 08/10/2012 - 06:27
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