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A.j. Bruno - Living Outside the New World Order Grid
December 21, 2008
A.j. Bruno is the owner of One Heart Books. One Heart Books.com is an on-line bookstore/resource center, dedicated to healing the planet of the new world order dis-ease; a principle truth being that knowledge is medicine. The idea is that with the proper knowledge and understanding we can peer into the roots of dysfunction on this planet and see clearly the solutions in understanding the true source of the problems. In this two hour program, A.j. Bruno talks about how to break free from the ”New World Order Grid”, including the practicalities of building and sustaining yourself while living off the grid.


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Comments (1)

Mr. Bruno's presentation was informative.
With much of what he said I agree. But his presentation had a hole in it. It was not fully wholistic. As much as he spoke about , doing thiings differently than the "globalists" do, he left out one important thing that is keeping in step with them. Taking life that you do not own. And that is Animal Life.
He spoke for a minute about giving thanks for taking animal life to eat and understanding death by killing. There was no discussion about the deep spiritual concept of not "owning" animal life; that we do not have the right to kill animal life to live. We humans do not own any other life other than our own. We can live off of plant life and we have in our past.
There is more plant life on the planet than animal life. We humans do not OWN any life other than our own. Just like the "globalist elites" do not own the people, animals, land and resources of the planet and take what they want when they want it, the blood sacrifice of killing animals adds to the earth's morphogenetic field of pain and suffering.
I have a question to Mr. Bruno. "What makes him and others think that they can take the life of another being, whether animal or human no matter where you live or how it is done? Whether animals are killed through slaughterhouses or shot dead in the wild, we humans do not own any other life except our own.
#1 - Karen E. Hetherington - 22/09/2012 - 21:22
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