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Hugh Montgomery - The God-Kings: Babylon, Ulvungar, Oden & Jesus
February 12, 2009
Hugh Montgomery was President of and Professor at the Megatrend University of Applied Sciences in Belgrade; Fellow of the prestigious Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; holds a Ph.D. in Audiology, a Diploma in Contract Law and the professional qualification of Inginiero Comercial (Chile). He is the author of a number of technical and historical papers and books. He joins us to talk about his book trilogy, "The God-kings of England", The God-kings of Europe" and "The God-Kings of Outremer". We begin in the first hour by discussing Hugh's family and their admission to "Riddar huset" in Sweden. Then, we talk about the Odynic dynasty and the Ulvungar bloodline, the Babylonian roots of the line of European and Nordic kings and the conquest and migration of these dynasties to "Outremer" and the rest of Europe. Later, we discuss the difficulties with bloodline research. More Topics Discussed: Malachi Martin, Hugh Sinclair, Gospel of Philip, Judas, Thomas Jesus Twin, Julius Africanus, Bible, Mandaeans, Johannite Order, John the Baptist, Petra, Nabataeans, Kassites, Sumerian kings, Babylonian kings, Oden, Visigoths and much more. For our members, we continue with Hugh Montgomery and talk about who the first God-King was. We go back to Sumer/Mesopotamia and explore how it all may have begun. We also talk about what defines royalty, nobility and aristocracy. Then, Hugh discusses the bloodline descendants of Jesus and why this is important. This leads us into the Da Vinci Code, Holy Blood Holy Grail, Pierre Plantard and Priory of Sion. More Topics Covered: the royal houses of Europe, the interest in bloodline research, Windsor's, Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha, Hapsburg, importance of Jerusalem, The Crusades, Normandy, Norman kings, Temple of Solomon, Ethiopia, the dynasty of the black Madonna, Mary Magdalene and much more.


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The God-kings of England: The Viking and Norman Dynasties and Their Conquest of England (983-1066)

The God-Kings of Europe: The Descendents of Jesus Traced Through the Odonic and Davidic Dynasties

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