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Cort Lindahl - Geomantic Information Systems Part Two - The Baalbek Hexagon & Vatican Alignments
July 5, 2009
Cort Lindahl is an author and owns the website survivalcell.blogspot.com, focusing on the occult applications of Thomas Jefferson's township grid and geomantic alignments. He says there is strong evidence that people today are still using Jefferson's grid and alignments for occult purposes. Also examined is the Great Pyramid of Giza, the ruins of Baalbek, and St. Peter's square at the Vatican. Cort claims many other ancient monuments are built for the same geomantic purpose. For the first part of this interview, Cort talks about geomantic information systems, an overview of the worldwide system of monuments that are aligned with each other on ley lines or using linear elements of their construction. We discuss the Baalbek hexagon, Rome, the Vatican, The Great Pyramid and the Egyptian origins of latitude and longitude. Topics Discussed: the 45 degree angle of the Great Pyramid, 400, true north, magnetic pole, Carthage, hexagonal structure at Baalbek, Mt Ararat, Noah's Ark, Kazakhstan, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid of Peace), Astana in Kazakhstan, orange line from Teotihuacan, Memphis Tennessee, pyramid in Sacramento, pyramid in Turkey, Mecca, Medina, the Kaaba, a facet of the hexagon at Baalbek vectors to the Straits of Gibraltar, 34th parallel, hexagon template, geomancer, templates, Athens, knowledge is power, Tower of Pisa, Stonehenge, Eifel Tower, Nile Delta and Alexandria, Alfred Watkins, Neolithic sites, Harrods, Egyptian symbolism, Druids and much more. In our second hour, Cort continues talking about the Vatican alignments. He also talks about The International Peace Garden, ritual murders and human sacrifices on specific sites and the 33rd parallel. We talk more about Williamsburg and the history of The College of William & Mary in Virginia, the gallows and the hanging of Blackbeard the pirate. Topics Discussed: Hoover Damn, The Peace Towers: two in the United States and two in Canada, Grateful Dead, neutral symbols and art, the building of the Vatican, Istanbul, Nimrud Dag, spring equinox, Bernini, Sam Semir Osmanagich, Bosnian pyramids, compass rose, Enki staff array at Williamsburg, hidden vault in Williamsburg, Francis Bacon, Virginia colony, The College of William & Mary in Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, prisons at the 33rd parallel, sacrifice, ritual murder on ley lines, Rome the city of seven hills, Lisbon rose line, Mason-Dixon line, Jeronimos Monastery, Carl Munch and more.


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