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Dominick Ohrbeck - Reptilian Marketing vs. The HeartBrain Model
August 16, 2009
Dominick Ohrbeck from HeartBrain Media discusses reptilian brain marketing vs. the HeartBrain model. Dominick says, “The correction to existing branding practices and playbooks is that they don't have an accurate model of the mind, a.k.a your willpower (decisions) and your reality (perception). Current branding models offer you a three-legged chair, dividing your brain into three parts, reptilian, limbic and cognitive -- instinctual, emotional, and rational. The fourth leg is the neural circuit between your brain and your heart.” Topics Discussed: marketing, Heart Brain Institute, reptillian marketing, Clotaire Rappaille, the language of innovation and sustainability, politics & communications, Hillary Clinton, marketing people, "the reptilian hot button", the tripartite brain, sex & death, fear, unconscious, Heart Math Institute, neurological connection, "The Code", materialistic oriented, reptilian marketing in politics, Obama, fields and circuits, reptilian tactics, game theory, dilemma of cooperation, scientific modeling of artificial environments, win/loss, procreation, war & pollution, responsibility, the "truth seekers", older generations, mems, slogans, damaging people, security, values, empty terms, value proposition, freedom, abundance, ethical marketing, guru system, multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes, schism, abuse and corruption, spam, playing two sides against each other, focus groups, "words that work", Frank Luntz, psychology, spin, "emotional imprinting", the relationship to the mother, mammalian brain and the limbic system. In our second hour, we discuss ethical marketing and the biological damages of reptilian marketing. Then, Dominick talks about emotional intelligence and abundance vs. lack. We also discuss the heart shield and the heart as a receiver/transmitter for a greater reality as well as how the heart brain can be exercised. Topics Discussed: biological damages of reptilian marketing, stress, spiritual concepts, exercise the circuit, pre-frontal lobe, emotional intelligence, Dr. Donald Goldman, Solfeggio scales, Horowitz, the microvolt output of the heart is bigger than the brain, toroidal field, parenting, success research, IQ, learning, devolution, environmental movement, resources, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Heartmath Institute, transcendence of biology, de-stressing, health, Global Coherence Initiative, human interaction with the ionosphere, the movie "Home", human vibrations, Lynne Mctaggart, The Intention Experiment, religion has been manipulated in a reptilian way, Michael Persinger, impact of the film Zeitgeist, the heart brain always wins, we interact with reality, truth and anger, breathing, evolving beings, co-creating with a greater reality, relaxation & meditation and the mind as a receiver.


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