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Clif High - Web Bot, Predicting the Future & The Shape of Things to Come
October 4, 2009
Clif High and George Ure own the website halfpasthuman.com. George and Clif created something they call the "Web Bot", a computer spider that scans the world- wide web, looking for trends and patterns related to future events. Clif joins us to talk about trends they have discovered using their web bot and what they see about the future. We begin talking about how the web bot works and then discuss "The Shape of Things to Come". In the second hour as Clif talks about predictions and interpretations of the future. We discuss the material that the web bot produces and Clif's evaluation of the information. Things are going to get really weird on this planet. Then, we talk about how things are going to change and what we can expect. Next, Clif talks about an overthrow of the new world order system and a second American revolution. He’ll also talk about "time compression" leading up to 2012, cosmic forces in our galaxy, merging into the Milky Way and alien contact around 2011. He mentions fighting between humans and aliens as well as ancient records about greys. Later, we discuss feedback loops of the information, changes in human awareness, "the big squeeze", and escaping the karmic cycle. We’ll also discuss human psychic ability and the nature of the universe.


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