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Alan Watt - The Science of Society, The New Age, Deception & Cataclysms
October 22, 2006
Alan Watt from CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com joins for a fascinating program on mind control, "cultural trance", the science of society, psychology and how our world is being run from the top down. Alan Watt is incredibly knowledgeable on many topics. For members, we continue speaking with Alan Watt about the New Age and deception as well as 2012. Is there a global cataclysm coming or is this something that might be created, using technology?


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Watt is like a pail of cold water thrown over someone asleep in a nice comfortable bed. He's like a punch to the head. He does not sugar coat the pill. He offers the "Bad News" and clearly shows its so intricate, so expansive, so vast, that there really is no hope.
There are a lot of "HOPE" prophets around today, but Watt has never stooped to that level. He does not manipulate his audience by means of a carrot-on-a-stick routine of "But, don't worry! Help is coming! People are waking up!"
Early in this interview, Watt states point-blank that most people have a sense that they're controlled and managed, and that they LIKE IT. "Waking up"? Forget it. For the very few who are still normal and are even remotely aware and conscious....and not infantile, the future is guaranteed to be a nightmare.
#1 - 20seven - 15/04/2013 - 18:35
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