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John Lash - Gnosticism, The Antichrist, One World Religion & 2012
January 7, 2010
Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss "The Mysteries", Religion, Gnosticism, Mystery Schools and the alleged connection to the Globalist Elite. Many different researchers in the alternative research community claim that the elite powers are stepped in the "Mystery religions". They are accused of practicing paganism and occult rituals. Is this true? Is it true paganism? Can this myth be clarified further and can it be defined with more appropriate terminology? Topics Discussed: The Mysteries, The Pagan Mysteries, 415 AD, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Salvationism, The Superman, Gnostics, Deification, Devine Intelligence, Pagan People, Roman Empire, Messiah, Execution of the Gnostics, Etruscans, Human Psychosis, Pathology, The Globalist Game, Serial Killers, Sociopaths, Ted Bundy, Occult Techniques, Subconscious Suggestions, Orchestration of Social Evil, Black Magic, Sophia Myth, the Re-emergence of the Mystery Schools, Theosophist, Organic Light, Counter Magic, Immunity to Resist the Dementia, Shamanism, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Iboga Cult, Voracious, The Expose of the New World Order, Archons, Mind Parasites, Pagans and much more. We continue to talk about the insertion of the idea of the Anti Christ figure into Christianity and what function this might carry on a bigger scale. John poses the question of why the Gnostics or the disciples of the Myth of Sophia, didn't do anything to protect themselves from the persecution and extermination of knowledge. Well, maybe they did in a way and this is related to the idea of the Anti-Christ. We talk about the New World Order and their plans of control to bring the planet under a One World Currency, a One World Government and a One world Religion. We talk more about the One world Religion and the presentation of a Messiah figure in 2012 and who it might be, or at least what it will be coming from. We talk about 2012, why this date if there's nothing to the planetary alignment of the ending of the Mayan Calendar around this time. We talk about Melchizedek, the Bahai Faith and how the plan might unfold. This is a really interesting discussion with some of John's most recent ideas and theories about the immediate future. At the end we also talk about the true name of Gaia and for those who are curious how you'll go about calling out the true name of Gaia. This is connected with the Planetary Tantra section on metahistory.org.


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Comments (1)

Having held off for some time, before before commenting on these interviews with John Lash,until I could assimilate all of them , AND the Book 'Not in his Image', I must now raise some issues.
Firstly, why he chose to re-publish his 1994 book intact , without any changes or revisions , in 2006, with no notice in the text of this fact, while claiming on this show to have been devoting the intervening time to research, resulting in no changes at all to his 1994 text ?
With that out of the way, my immense respect for this man, who has developed such a finely tuned , discriminating, and nuanced intellect - so rare , and greatly to be cherished ( good on you Team !, for allowing him so much air-time!)

I need to say this - John has discreetly avoided speaking of his suffering at the hands of the religious community he was reared in, inspiring his great life-long mission - but I feel this suffering has hurt him so deeply that it has affected his judgement in some crucial issues.

Firstly , in vowing to complete Nietzsche's work, he has overlooked how HE stressed the importance of 'overcoming the spirit of revenge'.
It's this 'spirit of revenge' which distorts John's judgements when he analyzes Jesus & St Paul, unable to use his discriminating intellect to distinguish between these originators & the perverted beliefs of their successors. This is especially painful to observe as he tries to avoid the reality of how the Gnostic texts repeatedly quote Jesus and ESPECIALLY Paul's letters, as enlightened ones. I say especially Paul, as his letters are full of Gnostic phrases & concepts, As Elaine Pagels makes clear in "St Paul , The Gnostic" ! Lash is actually aware of this book, as he makes a passing mention of it somewhere, without ever addressing the issues it raises , and what implies for his re-defining his crtique of Salvationism, if the letters of pre-eminent Apostle of all time we have the most visible Gnostic texts in existence(!!), veiled to our eyes only by translation & interpretation of Fundamentalists, but crystal clear once you are given the Keys.

Saddening, as this flaw in his reasoning makes him into an unconscious Apostle for the Spirit of Revenge ( which was also in the end Nietzsche's undoing, as he recognized [see his posthumous 'My Sister & I'] )Something which D.H Lawrence struggled with also, with a great sense of humour, so apparent in his later writings.
Revenge mentality can be a joy-killer.
Apart from this, I do so love so much of his work, I will still defend his right to say what he will !! His eloquence only fails to capture me on this one aspect of his work.
#1 - azaldo - 10/04/2014 - 05:30
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