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Wallace Thornhill - The Electric Universe, The Purple Dawn of Creation & Our Strange Solar System
March 11, 2010
Wallace Thornhill is an Australian physicist. He is also the co-author with David Talbott of "The Electric Universe" and “Thunderbolts of the Gods.” Wallace says, “It is a truism that breakthroughs often lie unrecognized for decades. "I'll see it when I believe it" could be the catch-cry for much of science. After the slow path to acceptance of each great new idea, it always seems so obvious in retrospect. We teach children in grade school ideas that defeated the greatest intellects for centuries. That being so, we must not let the reputation of even an Einstein stand in our way when seeking better paradigms. We must simply allow for the possibility that he was wrong, recognizing that science is a highly conservative captive of fashion. The Electric Universe opens up science again to the individual. Science will blossom in the new millennium as a cultural activity more integrated with history, the arts and the human condition.” In this interview, Wallace discusses the exciting theory of the electric universe. Topics Discussed: Immanuel Velikovsky, the Saturn myth, ancient solar system, gravity, electricity, journal of classical physics, Einstein, the Electric Universe Theory, quasars, black holes, the standard model of the sun, solar activity, anode, glow discharge, photosphere, magnetism, twisted pairs, DNA shape of a galaxy, dark currents, fractal, the nature of gravity, infinite speed, nerve signaling speed, Tom Van Flandern, the origins of the universe, longitudinal system, Tesla, free energy and more. In our second hour, Wallace discusses comets, gravity, discharge, lightning, sprites, earthquakes and the relationship between the Earth, the sun, the galaxy and the universe. We also get into the very fascinating area of proto Saturn. Wall talks about what he calls "the purple dawn of creation" and where the mythology and stories comes from in terms of our ancient past with two suns. Our solar system used to be a binary star system. So what happened to Saturn? We can still see effects of that today with the rings of Saturn and the hexagonal glow at its poles. Wall shares his take on the "Norway spiral". We also talk about time travel and the search for E.T. Topics Discussed: monoculture, Rupert Sheldrake, deep impact, Temple One, comets are highly charged, sun gracing comet, Saturn, the sun of night, proto Saturn, Star Dust Project, hexagonal glow on Saturn, rings of Saturn, binary star systems, Mars, Vales Mariners, moon, Mercury, electrical capture, Venus, Newton's Law of Gravity, Tommy Gold, sprites, anthropogenic global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes, Norway spiral, plasma discharge, time travel, 3D, E.T., dipole force of gravity, tropical forests in Antarctica, purple dawn of creation and more.


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David Wilcock talks about timespace and spacetime...

Wallace does not seam to include the vacum in his picture of the universe.

Strange. I woud like to see him discuss it with Nassim
He didnt mention superconductors
#1 - Ulvaag - 31/01/2013 - 15:05
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