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John Hall & Don Raumake - Satellite Terrorism, Surveillance Technology, Implantable Microchips, Biometric ID Cards & Government Spying
April 1, 2010
Dr. John Hall graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a minor in philosophy. He attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. He is the author of “A New Breed; Satellite Terrorism in America”, a combination of years of research and first-hand experience. Dr. John Hall joins us to talk about electronic harassment, snooping and how the CIA & NSA technology is being used to track, intimidate and even read the thoughts of people. John’s researcher partner Don Raumaker also joins us for the last five minutes of the first hour and then stays with us for the entire second hour. We discuss the implementation of biometric identification cards, satellite terrorism, the world wide implementation of the control grid. Topics Discussed: Project Galileo, microchips, biometric ID card, verichip, sexual assault, freedom from covert surveillance, agency sterile, multimodality system, GWEN towers, cell phones, mind control, microwave hearing effect, manchurian candidate, murder of foreign Minister Anna Lindh, hearing voices, Norway spiral, de-population, John Holdren, how people are being tracked, biometric signature, EEG, optical tracking, haptic devices, smart houses, touch sensitive walls, weight sensors in the floors, loss of privacy, allergic to radio waves, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Intel, CIA funding, Skype, X-Box Live and more. For our members, we continue talking about electronic harassment with John Hall and Don Raumaker. We discuss Skype, Acxiom, Eschelon and RFID. We also talk about DARPA’s Information Awareness Office, their activities and their choice of the pyramid and all seeing eye logo. Then, we talk about the European Union’s Project Indect and their all seeing eye logo. We go into some really interesting stuff about potential alien abduction experiences that could be achieved with the technology we’ve been talking about like hallucinations and voice to skull technology. We discuss Michael Persinger and his god helmet, a way to manipulate the brain with electromagentic fields to produce religious, drug related and alien type experiences. Later, John touchs upon Mk-Ultra and talks about some of the victims of the technology. Topics Discussed: Skype, Acxiom, RFID, DARPA, Information Awareness Office, insiders, paranoia, Eschelon, Project INDECT, logos, symbolism, religious hot buttons, Michael Persinger, god helmet, government, UFO, fake alien invasion, war, the importance of hackers, NSA and much more.


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