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Alex Putney - Human Resonance, Sacred Sites, Standing Waves & DNA Illumination
June 13, 2010
Alex Putney is behind the website Human Resonance. Human Resonance has been organized to share the rediscovery of a superfluid resonance technology of our ancient Sanskrit mother culture, crystallizing the body and synchronizing human consciousness. Alex Putney reveals the ancient Sanskrit mandala as a nonlinear geometric model of consciousness: the Unified Field reflecting the octagonal symmetry of prime numbers. Alex's synthesis of modern and ancient science has been supported by grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (98', 00') and Brandeis-Hayes Traveling Fellowship (02'). He joins the program to discuss his research and theories on standing waves, sacred sites, magnetic resonance and Earth's chakra points. Alex also talks about changing energies and 2012. Topics Discussed: Phi, Giza pyramids, Fibonacci ratio, 1.45 hertz, prime meridian, cymatics, crop circles, crystallization of water, 2012, Atlantis properties, age of the pyramids & Sphinx, pyramid heart beat synchronization, Tri-thalamic entrainment, heart mind connection, telepathic ability, DNA, Sanskrit, synchronization of Earth's bell, human bio rythms, cellphone towers, acoustic environment, prayer, biorhythms, Daniel Tammet, infrasound waves, quality of water, electrum water, Ayurvedic waters, cleaning up the body, La Mana, black light power and more. In the second hour, Alex talks about grounding the human body, illumination of DNA and electrum water. We process to discuss the changing energies that are affecting Earth and anomalies taking place around the world in accordance to the standing wave ratio which Alex has mapped. Are there changes happening to our DNA? Then, we talk about the purpose of the pyramids and their function. Later, we get into 2012, magnetic reversal and Betelgeuse. This star has been shrinking more than 15 percent since 1993! Is it going to go supernova in 2012? Will the effects of this potentially dying star reach us? Topics Discussed: grounding, walking barefoot, bioelectrification, piezoelectricity effect, Teotihuacan, fasting, millivolts, illuminating your human body, white powdered gold, natural springs, electrum water, isotopes, protium, deuterium, tritium, water on Mars, Mars energy, synthetic stones, casing stones, lime stone, Tiahuanaco, black light, pyramid texts in Saqqara, vacuum chambers, Sicily in Messina, transformation of human consciousness, changes in animals, chupacabras, Atlantean calendar and more.


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