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Michael Cremo - Human Devolution, The Yuga Cycle & Reincarnation
June 27, 2010
Michael Cremo is on the cutting edge of science and culture issues. As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality. Michael Cremo is a member of the History of Science Society, the World Archeological Congress, the Philosophy of Science Association, the European Association of Archaeologists and associate member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute specializing in history and philosophy of science. Michael Cremo is the author of "Forbidden Archeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race" and "Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory". He joins us to talk about the Yuga cycle, Vedic cosmology and his theory of human devolution. Are we evolving or are we devolving? Topics Discussed: reincarnation, human devolution, cosmic hierarchy or beings, Stephen Hawkins, Sanskrit calendar, Vedic systems, 2012, Kali Yuga, length of one Yuga, spiritual beings, economic collapse, gold, OBE, remote viewing, NDE, technology, telepathy, progress, parapsychology, Stephan A Schwartz, Internet, video games and more. Don't miss hour two with Michael Cremo to hear more on human devolution and the connection to his work in Forbidden Archeology. We talk about human origins and signs of intelligent life on this planet millions of years ago. Is our human experience a punishment? Are we in a prison or are we under quarantine? Michael talks about spiritual rehabilitation, reincarnation and how to be released from the cycle. He connects these ideas together with aspects of control and the conspiracy of withholding information about humanities origin. Are we biological robots? Later, we discuss governments, education and the cradle of human civilization in Sterkfontein, a cave in South Africa. Michael also talks about his favorite archeological anomalies from around the world. Topics Discussed: human origins, signs of intelligent life millions of years ago, apes, human experiences, higher intelligences, conscious self, is our experience a punishment?, are we in prison?, are we under quarantine?, spiritual rehabilitation, reincarnation, release from the experience, humankind is not graduating, prison economy, the conspiracy of human origins, evolution, creationism, government education, South Africa, Sterkfontein Cave, hematite spheres billions of years old, education system, human footprint billions of years old and more.


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Lose Your Way?
When I find myself confused and bewildered as I aimlessly race around in circles experiencing this current consciousness, I return to Michael Cremo's interview. His beliefs have a "re-setting" effect on me. Stepping back as I listen to him allows me time to reevaluate my current journey. I find a "new lease on life" after a little contemplation. Thanks for this opportunity.
#1 - Karen - 09/03/2014 - 15:00
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