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Nancy Talbott - Scientific Anomalies Behind Crop Circles & The Work of John Burke
September 2, 2010
Nancy Talbott is the President of the BLT Research Team, Inc., a non-profit organization that for 20 years has been on the leading edge of scientific research into the crop circle phenomenon.. BLT has documented multiple abnormalities found in crop circle plants and soils, including massive alteration of germination and growth-habit in seedlings grown from crop circle seeds and significant alteration of the crystallization structure of specific clay minerals in crop circle soils. Three BLT papers have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Recent work includes analyses of a very fine white powder found in crop circles near the Dutch medium Robbert v/d Broeke as well as documentation of a wide range of very bizarre events directly related to this young man and the appearance of crop circles in his area. In the first hour of this program, Nancy will talk about man made crop circles and genuine crop circles. We talk about the late John Burke’s work and research into crops, seeds and crop circles relationship to megaliths and natural earth energies. Topics Discussed: man made circles, germination studies, Levengood, microwaves, expulsion cavities, moisture in the plant stem, node bending, electrical pulses, ion avalanches, John Burke, The Global Crop Diversity Trust, increased growth rate in seeds, megalithic sites, temporal lobe instability, geomagnetic abnormalities, dolmens, light displays, sacred sites, the shaman, Seeds of Knowledge, Stones of Plenty, chalk aquifers, atmospheric plasma discharge, ground electrical charge and more. In our next hour we begin to talk about the donation from Laurence Rockefeller, the Rockefeller Initiative and if there’s an agenda behind helping this kind of research. We discuss the technical and scientific aspects of crop circles. Is it human technology, black ops technology, or is there a UFO connection? Then, Nancy talks about how mainstream media is treating the subject of crop circles and how we never hear about any of the scientific studies related to the phenomena. Topics Discussed: donation from Laurence Rockefeller, the Rockefeller Initiative, XRD, organization of crystalline, clay mineralogy, Robert C. Reynolds, who are the circle makers?, human or black op technology, UFO connection, atmospheric plasma discharge, William Roll, the media and the crop circle phenomena, The Robbert van den Broeke case, white powder, pure magnesium carbonate, light phenomena and more.


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