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David Freeman - Emotioneering
October 26, 2010
David heads The Freeman Group, the most active game writing/design consultancy in the business. All the members of The Freeman Group are WGA members (Writers Guild of America), and all have sold scripts to studios or TV series. The Freeman Group specializes in making games more emotionally immersive, which means not just executing great stories, characters and writing, but also building emotion right into the gameplay. David also teaches "Beyond Structure," L.A.'s most popular screenwriting workshop. "Beyond Structure" has been taken by many prominent game executives and designers, as well as scores of noted film and television writers, directors, producers, and executives. In this radio program, David describes "Emotioneering", David's techniques for emotionally immersing the viewer. David says, with a combination of entertainment and art, the audience must be offered a meaningful and emotionally rich experience. Also, we discuss symbolism in movies, focusing on the emotional effects. He says emotion is the reason people go to films, watch TV, and listen to music.


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Email: davidfreeman11ATgmail.com

Clip One: Wall-E

Clip Two: Lord of the Rings

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