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Pierre Sabak - Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon
October 28, 2010
Pierre Sabak is the author of "The Murder of Reality - Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon", the first in a series of books called "Serpentigena." In this program we address snake symbolism, the etymological root of words and how the reptile or the dragon have inserted themselves into our consciousness with the help of words, in an effort to manipulate humanity. Pierre demonstrates how many of the classical languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Persian, Greek, Latin and Japanese have the snake at many word roots. Topics discussed: symbols, origins of the research, etymology, word roots, homonyms, The Koran, Egyptian words, "Illuminotics", language, mind virus, origin of words and language, subliminal programming, the outer mysteries and the inner mysteries, human-angelic bloodline, philology, Latin, Sanskrit, Japanese, proto-language, Bible, scripture, Talmud, Taliban, Thebes, Kabbalah, Djinn, Jeremy Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent", shamanism, Shatani, Shatan, Hebrew, Chitauri, architects of language, angel, Baal, knowledge, Lucifer, light bringer, Venus, Sobek, fallen angels and more. We continue in our second hour to talk more about Pierre's research. He connects the word roots from the angelic bloodlines to the royal bloodlines and fraternal organizations like free-masonry and "The Order of the Seraphim". Words are interlinked and Pierre shows how the Bible, government law and Maritime Law is connected to the serpent. We talk about leaders and politicians use of deceptive words to spellbind people. Pierre also talks about the Theban priesthood, Oannese, the "fish people" and how the abduction phenomena and the Greys' are tied into his work. Topics Discussed: angel, sailor, menstrual blood, monarch bloodline, sentinel, watch, navigation, sea, star, angelic bloodline, maritime law, nobel, king, boat, dragon, shine, transfiguration, longboat, dragon boats, Japanese boats, star-man, Ceasar, Horus, Shatani bloodline, order of the Seraphim, Theban priesthood, physical reality, spoken word, freemasonry, angel & angle, serpent, mason, changeling, politicians, government, contract, Moses, Asclepius, Ophiuchus, Oannese, Melusine, Abduction Phenomena and more.


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The Murder of Reality - Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon

Comments (2)

super interesting guest! glad to find his 2 interviews in the archive~ words truly are a key to many locks
#2 - pocahontas - 13/09/2014 - 01:39
Reminiscent of Jordan Maxwell studies, the etymology of words/symbols. Appears more focused on reptiles /manipulation/nefariousness. The twisted meaning of words by the use of homonyms is exemplified along with the multiple opposite meanings of words. The slower paced give and take of the interview helps in the assimilation of the information.
#1 - All Ears - 29/12/2013 - 17:40
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