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Richard Sauder - Underground Bases, Tunnels & Richard's Nuclear Missile Silo Protest
November 2, 2010
Richard Sauder, Ph.D., is probably the world's foremost public authority, as well as the first person, to systematically popularize the mysterious topic of underground and underwater bases and tunnels. He is the author of several books and major reports. During the first hour of this program we discuss themes from his book, "Hidden in Plain Sight - Beyond the X-files," an in-depth book on underground bases, combining archival research, on the scene investigation, and first-hand interviews. Sauder takes us into the underground world. Topics discussed: underground bases, insiderd, Phil Schneider, catacombs of Rome, Paris, London, tunnel boring technology developed in the mid 1950-1960's, official documentation of underground bases, Cheyenne Mountain, compartmentalized projects, funding, black ops programs, Pentagon losing trillions of dollars, hydroponic gardens, military, the Mormon church, the Vatican, Scientology, John Williams, Pentagon pneumatic tube, approaching cataclysm, SRI, currency collapse, genetic engineering, GMO's, global seed vault, Bill Gates, Norwegian and Swedish underground bases, underground bases and tunnels in other parts of the world. In our second part we continue talking about the theories for the existence of underground bases, one connecting to the people and children that go missing every year. Also, we discuss the possibility of these facilities being used as a playground for new technology, mind control, and E.T. During the last half of the program, Richard talks about his peaceful demonstration on U.S. Air Force nuclear missile silo H-8, at the intersection of 33rd St. And 76th Ave., near Parshall, North Dakota. Additionally, Sauder speaks about the fraud of the monetary system and the criminal mafia in charge of governments. Topics Discussed: work force, missing children, E.T. aliens, CERN, new technology development, whistleblowers and insiders speaking out, mind control, dark secrets, black budgets, diet, chemicals, education, school, economic system, government & mafia, Cosa Nostra, organized crime, cover-ups, world problems, money, stock market, banks, financial criminals, protesting, nuclear missile silo, UFO's shutting down nuclear weapons, lord of the flies, the white rose movement.


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Interesting program. It freewheeled a little off-topic in hour two one can think, but it still tied together in the big picture. I've worked for a period of time underground at Swedens in-mountain-naval-base, Musk. Now, there's nothing rouge or new world order about that, atleast not from what i've seen or heard. It very much sprung out of the cold war fear of the russians, and the potential threat of nuclear strikes.
#1 - RocknRollVillan - 17/11/2014 - 14:16
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