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Hillary Raimo - State of Control, Spiritual Health, Protection, Manipulation & Freedom
November 7, 2010
Hillary Raimo is a healer, psychic and clairvoyant. In this program, we discuss the importance of health, physical and spiritual wellbeing. No one with their eyes and ears open can deny the current state of control that most people on the planet are suffering from and how the establishment with their occult manipulation are trying to subvert an already subservient population. We discuss how one can live free of this control and how to follow your own heart and dreams. Topics discussed: past life regression, bio feedback techniques, ego as container, psychic abilities, hereditary clairvoyance, dimensions, system on the planet, constructed matrix, healing, manipulation, positive & negative outlook, anger, the occult game, staying grounded and centered, sun cycle, CME's, Alexei Dmitriev, remote viewing, depth, roots, superficial survivor, unlearning, Un-training, working with energy, following your own dreams, fear of death and more. We continue to discuss sickness, spiritual egotism, psychic vampirism and spiritual protection in our second hour with Hillary Raimo. We talk about population control and how we are being bombarded with chemicals in our food, fluoride in the water and mercury in vaccines. Later, we get into the development of new weapons, so called non-lethal weapons. What kind of effect does this have on our body and our energy field? New technologies could be the result of back engineering or E.T. technology. Later, we talk about how governments around the world might be presenting us with a threat from outer space. Topics discussed: sickness, physical & psychic, spiritual egotism, psychic healing, psychic vampires, spiritual protection, Inception, intuition, weaknesses, strength, physical environment, psychic environment, moon calendar, eclipse, chakra balancing, vaccines, fluoride, chemicals, population control, electromagnetic influences, frequency, energy of the body, non lethal weapons, UFO technology, ancient cultures, disclosure, CSETI, E.T., sightings in Denver, cloning, sightings, space wars, elite, taking responsibility.


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Comments (2)

Great Stuff
Just to let you know us subscribers are still trawling back this far! This came onto my car journey on the way home and timing was perfect. Would love to hear Henrik interview Hillary again in light of how things have changed in the past few years.
#2 - shaun - 05/03/2014 - 22:14
Did she really say that children who are abused are asking for that experience because they are to "learn" something? That is a preposterous statement. She had me on a lot of topics discussed. However, making a statement like that is totally irresponsible. If she had been a victim of child abuse, I do not think she would believe that much less sound like a quack.
#1 - Karen E. Hetherington - 06/08/2013 - 05:50
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