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Pierre Sabak - The Theban Priesthood, Adam & Eve's Bloodline Priesthood of the Nazarenes, The Nazis & Zionists
December 5, 2010
Pierre Sabak is the author of "The Murder of Reality - Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon", the first in a series of books called "Serpentigena." Pierre was first with us in October, he is back on the program to continue to discuss and outline his etymological studies focusing on illuminotics. In this program we discuss the Theban Priesthood, the Nephilim and the bloodline of Adam and Eve and the connection to Orion and the Pleadies. Pierre describes the angelic wars and discuss the conflict between the Pleiades (human contingent) and Sirius (fish deities). We also talk about the Nazarenes, the Nazir priesthood, Nazi's, NASA, Aryans and Zionists in our second hour. Topics discussed: division within the priesthood, the Theban priesthood, Pleiades, Orion, bloodline of Adam and Eve, Book of Enoch, Annaki, Titan, Uranus, Erin, Arion, Bipartisan System, ruling through division, Shatani, Human-Angelic bloodline, dialectic, Thebes, Adam ?admon, West Pleadies and East Orion, Serpent, Mars, stone, fountain, Bull, Zeus, Seminary, Moon, Sin and more. In our second hour we discuss the Judaic Roman priesthood of the Nazarenes and the links to the Nazis. This might sounds very strange on the surface if you're not familiar with the research. We make some interesting connections between the Nazarite's or the Nazir priesthood and the more modern Nazi's to show that not only in name are they closely related but also in behavior or action. We discuss Zionism, Aryans, the connection to Mars, ritual sacrifice or origin of the idea of a holocaust. We also talk about the symbolism of the Swastika, NASA, Golgotha, skull symbolism and much more. Topics discussed: Aryan, Mars, Nazi Brotherhood, Nazir Priesthood, fish symbolism, rebirth, Niddah, dragon, blood drinking, skull, Golgotha, Aryan, fair skinned, shining ones, Ashur, NASA, Zionism, Mossad, Masada, Mazda, ritual sacrifice, John the Baptist, Baphomet, The symbolism of the Swastika and more.


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The Murder of Reality - Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon

Comments (8)

A lot of interesting information
I can understand why some listeners had difficulty with this session, but I wanted to acknowledge the quality of the interview in terms of the amount and type of information given. This interview has a ton of word linkages that for some individuals will be essential in their inquiries, and even though it comes off as very intense and pressing, the information for me was worth a full listening.

I would suggest that if anyone listens to this to open themselves to a sort of non-interview interview. I do not think this man was reading from his book, but from a set of notes he had prepared for this audience which - regardless of how it may not be appropriate for the format - to me deserves an acknowledgement. He obviously put quite some time in preparing a presentation and answered most of Henriks questions, even if usually 10 minutes after Henrik had asked them. I'm pretty sure he never heard most of Henrik's questions.

It may very well be that this man never receives an audience like this and wanted to make sure he was able to include everything he thought was relevant to it. I have a feeling that his intentions were to be beneficial to those listening.

He appeared to want to share a lot of information with the audience and there's a tension that permeates the interview as a result. Nevertheless, the man has a lot of information which for me was quite valuable and the depth of the scrutiny to me outweighs the lack-luster presentation.
#8 - Willax - 29/03/2014 - 00:13
The Theban Priesthood,Adam & Eve's Bloodline...
Less is More! as Marcus previously stated.
The author has a wealth of knowledge. The presentation was very frustrating. The whispering, rambling, reading paragraphs out of context made it hard to follow his thread of thought. The needed pauses for the listener to integrate the information were absent. I merely recall bits & pieces of the presentation rather than the whole. A second or third listening would not even help.
#7 - All Ears - 29/12/2013 - 14:44
Difficult listening but worth a couple of rewinds.
As mentioned the style that Pierre Sabak employs isn't the normal done on Red Ice Radio, this makes it very difficult for the listener.

Yet, what I got after about 6 rewinds during the 2hrs was a clear message things aren't as clear as those History Books claim.

The thing that always got me with World War II was the fact that both Hitler & Goebbels didn't look like 'the perfect Ayran'.

Goebbels even looked like the racist version of a Jew that he himself promoted...!!!

Adolf Eichmann was fluent in Hebrew but why?

Rudolf Hess was born in Alexandria (Egypt) of all places.

I suggest that Red Ice invite Pierre Sabak back on BUT as part of a Round-table debate looking at...

'Elite World War II Nazi Connections to The Ancient World'.

This will mean Pierre Sabak will be in conversation with liked minded experts leading to him not reading directly from a book.

Pierre Sabak has gaining lot's of knowledge, just getting it delivered to the people.
#6 - @DazAltTheory - 20/12/2013 - 20:07
Audio Book
I can understand if he felt more comfortable reading from his book then doing a regular interview, and I usually enjoy listening to audio books.

The problem was the speed of the reading. When you talk fast normally in an interview you can still be understood but when your reading at that speed it's difficult to grasp everythingl
#5 - Robert Valko - 11/07/2013 - 20:29
I agree with the comments given. Pierre needs to be conversant with his knowledge. I tried into the second hour, but he really leaves the listener bored. I know he has a headful of knowledge, just needs to learn the art of give and take.
#4 - Eliza - 30/06/2013 - 04:46
I found Sabak's delivery apt and up to speed...we have already ploughed the field...now we are sowing the seeds lol
#3 - Gerard Harris - 10/02/2013 - 03:15
LESS is more !
I don't know if Pierre was too eager, or trying too hard, but his hyper 'reading at us' style just doesn't communicate. It's too hyper active.
no need to ever have a guest assume that the more they talk, the more they communicate... its too much. S L O W D O W N .
#2 - markus - 16/09/2012 - 23:35
Reading from his book
I love most of the Red Ice interviews but I had to stop listening to this one because Pierre Sabak was reading quotes verbatim from his book for much of this interview. Very disappointing!
#1 - Eager Listener - 04/09/2012 - 03:38
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