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Lindy Cowling - Heart Energy, Changes in Mass Consciousness, Fear & Love
July 14, 2011
Lindy Cowling is a qualified hypnotherapist, trained by the Association of Natural Medicine in 2001. She is also a medium and a clairvoyant, specializing in healing, past lives regression and future lives progression. Cowling joins us from Wiltshire, UK to discuss changes she sees happening in the mass consciousness of humanity. We'll also talk about positive and negative entities that are controlling the game behind the scenes. Then, we talk about the importance of moving the attention from the mind to the heart and from the negative to the positive. We continue with Lindy Cowling, discussing the control structure and dumbing down of society. Lindy ties it together with the one world government and the non-human elements pulling the strings behind the scenes. She'll also talk about weather and mood manipulation. Lindy argues that we are moving into a higher energy state and the effects are manifesting physically, much like an ascension process. Then, we discuss Earth history and DNA manipulation in previous civilizations such as Atlantis. Cowling says humanity has experienced the "cleaning of the slate" many times. The most recent one might have been the biblical flood. Later, Lindy talks about the importance of feeling verses thinking and using the heart, not just the brain. Currently, the Earth is a fear farm and our thoughts help to manifest many negative experiences. Lindy claims that we are getting assistance from the spirit realm and shouldn't be fearful of the future.


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Early into the discussion Lindy suggests that these higher skills that she refers to have been 'drummed out of us'. I accept completely that 'they' don't want us to access them but I feel it is more a case of us never being allowed to develop them inthe first place rather than having them 'drummed out of us'.
The established order ensure that from cradle to grave we serve the system and become whatthey want us to be which is consumers and servants of the corporations. Our westernised education systems suppress any ideas of spiritual growth, awareness, higher consciousness etc.
Lindy says that she is not against regulation, but I would disagree since it is difficult to regulate the areas she is involved in and for sure, if regulation was taken to the letter we would never have people like Ramana Maharshi, Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle and many others and even Guatama Buddha may not have been allowed to practice under a regulated system.
I would say that some of the greatest practitioners of the spiritual arts and sciences have had little or no formal education and certainly no degrees, diplomas or letters after their names in the areas in which they work. There was no Meister Eckhart phd for example. True we need to be wary of charlatans, but regulating is not the answer I feel.
#1 - Molly - 13/11/2012 - 23:30
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