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Christopher Moors & Shabda Noor - Will the Uproar Beat the Crackdown?
January 4, 2007
Christopher Moors from CreativeCosmos.org is back with a special guest, Shabda Noor. We begin talking about Shabda, his background and his spiritual journey. Shabda lived in Osho's commune in India and later moved to Oregon, USA. He shares about his time in the commune. Some of the leaders in the commune turned fascist (not Osho) and the US government later crushed it. Shabda correlates how this story of the commune is a small scale of what is happening now on a national level in the US. For members, we begin discussing the difficulties of waking people up and helping them unplug from the Matrix. Why is it that some people choose to stay in oblivion, or is this always the case? How can we break free from the hypnosis? Later on we talk about time speeding up, 2012, the Illuminati, the Internet, big media, silence, meditation and how we can stay more connected with our awareness.


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