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Donald E. Scott - The Electric Sky
January 11, 2007
Donald E. Scott author of The Electric Sky joins us for a fascinating program on the electric universe theory. Donald has been a lifelong amateur astronomer and he holds a doctorate (Ph.D. degree), Bachelor's & Master's degree in Electrical Engineering. We talk about activity on the sun and how sunspot and solar flares tie in with the electric universe thesis. We also discuss lightning, ball lightning and plasma. Additionally, Donald talks about how Swedish plasma physicist Hannes Alfvén has contributed to this field. We continue our conversation for members diving into the topic of the big bang theory and black holes. Also, we discuss redshift, the expansion of the universe and the aspects that potentially can rewrite the conventional theory of how the universe was created. We discuss what conventional astronomy has to offer and how the theory of the electric universe stands against it. Also, Donald talks about dark matter/dark energy, the zero point field and quantum physics.


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enjoying this interview- as a newcomer to the electric universe perspective, at least in any organized way. Would enjoy hearing more interviews with this guest, as his dialogue is easy to understand.

I got no results when searching for "donald scott" btw. Had to search for the broader "donald" and scroll through to find the interview link- could be overlooked if someone wasn't specific enough with search terms-
#1 - pocahontas - 22/08/2014 - 22:55
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