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Paul Levy - George W. Bush, Our Collective Psychosis & Awaken In the Dream
January 25, 2007
Paul Levy, author of "The Madness of George W Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis" shares about his background, his awakening process and how his experience and search within spiritual fields and psychology led him to discover the dream like quality of reality. We also discuss how many leaders, power figures and politicians are actually subjected to a psychological disease that Paul calls Malignant Egophrenia. We talk about possession, pathological liars and George W. Bush. In hour two, we begin our talk about what Carl Jung called the "Modern Day Plague of Egypt" and tie this together with George W. Bush and our collective psychosis. We dive deeper into quantum physics and the "lucid dream". We also talk about terrorism, the possibility of WWIII, the collapse of civilization and how the events we see today might be a reflection of what happened to past civilizations such as the Roman empire, the Aztec, Incan and Mayan civilizations. Later, we discuss how we can "Awaken in the Dream" and Paul shares his opinion on the "paranormal" and the modern UFO phenomena.


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