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Alan Watt - Socialism, Communism, the Revolutionary Movement & The Science of Life
January 28, 2007
Alan Watt, from Cutting Through The Matrix, is back to talk about the origins of socialism and communism and the occult aspects of this apparently atheistic political ideology. What is behind the hammer, the sickle and the star? Alan discuss the revolutionary movement and connects this with Promethean ideology and Lucifer the "rebel". Also, he talks about Guy Fawkes and the burning of London in 1666 as well as the reconstruction of the city. Later we disucuss the new Atlantis, which is America, and how this ties into the creation of cultural chaos. During hour two, we veer into a new direction talking about the Priory of Sion, Plantard, the Knights Templar and the Grail Hunters which leads us into DNA research and the Human Genome (or is it the Gnome) Project. What is the goal of this scientific process? We talk about the elimination or exclusion of the feminine, the strife for eternal life and the aspiration for creating life. Towards the end, we discuss the Merovingians, the Carolingians and the Cathars.


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