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Sterling Seagrave - The Secret History of Asia & Gold Warriors
September 20, 2012
Sterling Seagrave grew up on the China-Burma border, fifth generation of an American family of medical missionaries and teachers working in Burma since 1832. Sterling was educated in Burma, India, and America. After four years as a reporter, writer, and assistant foreign news editor for The Washington Post, he spent ten years in Asia as a freelance journalist contributing to Life, Time, Esquire, Atlantic, Smithsonian, GEO, Readers Digest, and Far Eastern Economic Review. He, with his wife, authored several books. In the first hour we’ll discuss Asia’s secret history, uncovering bad behavior of powerful families. Sterling covers the Marcos, Soong and Yamato dynasties. In the second hour, Sterling talks about his book Gold Warriors, a close look at how Japan systematically looted Asia, and what happened to the plundered treasure after 1945 when it was secretly recovered by Washington and used as a global slush fund.


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Books & DVDs
Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold
3 CD Rom set Gold Warriors
Soong Dynasty
Dragon Lady: The Life and Legend of the Last Empress of China
Lords of the Rim 2010: The Invisible Empire of the Overseas Chinese
Lords of the Rim
The Yamato Dynasty: The Secret History of Japan's Imperial Family
The Marcos Dynasty

Comments (18)

excellent interview....thank you
#18 - dmhennen - 09/04/2014 - 02:59
Rare interview with Sterling Seagrave - thanks!
Interviews with Sterling Seagrave are very rare, so thanks Henrik for providing this great opportunity. Anyone who has read Sterling & Peggy Seagrave's books know they contain an absolute wealth of data and research. Plus - and very importantly - they provide background and an understanding of how Asia fits into this global puzzle - which is seriously lacking in most Anglo-American study.

I hope that he will be invited back to discuss and provide updates on "Lords of the Rim" Can't wait!
#17 - Kimberley - 25/02/2014 - 11:20
Wanting to listen to hour 2 is what convinced me to get a 1 year subsciption to Red Ice Radio. Hello Sweden!
#16 - Dave - 22/12/2012 - 16:48
Yes I agree with the disturbing aspects mentioned above and as said such scholarship and direct knowledge - much to be grateful for
#15 - narada - 31/10/2012 - 17:51
Sterling Seagrave -very interesting ,informative-real food
Great guest-an excellent interview-Thank -you
#14 - sage - 09/10/2012 - 05:55
a few more errors....
Twice in the interview Srerling quotes the figure of 120 thousand kilos as the amount of above ground gold we are told is in existence. Wikipedia and other sources put the figure at 165 million kilos. Also he says ' uranium is far more effective at penetrating armor plate' . The effectiveness of these penetrators depend on the density of the projectile , uranium has a density of 18.9 , tungsten 19.25 so tungsten is slightly better . The reason the satanic controllers introduced D.U. munitions (and the lie that it is better) is that they had a lot of this radioactive waste from the nuclear bomb making program , very expensive to store, but the main advantage (for them) is it turns the battle field into a radioactive wasteland , silently killing and causing birth defects for thousands of years.
#13 - andrew hale - 26/09/2012 - 12:04
Value of tungsten in the 1940 s was between $35 and $25 per kilo (http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20120131/pdf/4240znckfdfr23.pdf) platinum at the same time was about 320 times greater at $300/oz
#12 - andrew hale - 26/09/2012 - 09:07
I have been looking forward to this interview for weeks and it was well worth the wait! I have alot of respect for the Seagraves. Thanks so much RIC!
#11 - John - 26/09/2012 - 00:35
I was referring to tungsten's value at the height of WW2, while it was being stolen or smuggled -- before it was replaced by plutonium and uranium, which are far more effective in penetrating armor plate. Since then it's value has plummeted along with the need for it.
#10 - Sterling Seagrave - 25/09/2012 - 12:04
Excellent, thank you for this interview.
I would love to spend a lazy afternoon with Seagrave and his wife picking their brains. This generation of folk won't be around that much longer and they have experience, knowledge and insight to share.
#9 - kathleen m - 24/09/2012 - 19:47
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