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Sterling Allan - Free Energy Technologies Update
October 12, 2012
Sterling Allan, a bioelectrochemist, is the primary driving force behind PESWiki.com, PESN.com, FreeEnergyNews.com, NewEnergyCongress.org and most recently EnergyNEST.org. Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, of which he is CEO, is the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies. Sterling is also the founder of a dozen-plus organizations whose functions range from preparedness and alternative religious and political thinking; to defining, teaching and researching better ways to live as a society. He returns to Red Ice to share the top 10 European exotic technologies that made the PES list. PES is aided by the New Energy Congress, which Sterling founded in 2005 as an association of energy professionals from around the world who review the most promising claims to existing and up-and-coming breakthrough energy technologies that are clean, renewable, affordable, reliable, easy to implement, safe, and legitimate. In the first hour, he reviews technologies 10-4 but saves the top 3 contenders for the memberís section. He shares exciting details about the #1 pick, which is simple and can be made with off the shelf components. Sterling also tells us about an up and coming reality show, reviewing clean energy devices with him as the co-host.


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Luxury-Sea Boat Generates Electricity from Ocean Water
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#1 Breakthrough: Solid State Generator
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Ocean's 11 OST - David Holmes - 69 Police


Comments (6)

Dr. Judy Wood
Glad to hear Sterling Allen understands Dr. Wood's work. Distinguishing between evidence and speculation seems to be an challenge for many people.
#6 - Greg Osborne - 20/10/2012 - 05:10
harnessing of static electricity. the way the secret energy source is coded as something so basic and simple & overlooked that a 3-year old would get the idea, what else could it be? agreed: absolutely fascinating subject.
#5 - peter - 18/10/2012 - 04:35
Alan Is Wrong About DEWs
#3 - Gary - 15/10/2012 - 16:21
Dr. Judy Wood - Relevant Links
#2 - rich - 13/10/2012 - 20:32
Excellent Interview
Fascinating presentation. The subject is not really up my alley, so I would not sure if I would enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised.
#1 - Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. - 13/10/2012 - 18:53
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