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Tony Malone - Zionism, The Bible and The Israel, Palestine Conflict
February 18, 2007
Tony Malone, author of The Bible For People Who Hate The Bible, on the Israel/Palestinian conflict talks about the origins of this conflict in regards to the Bible and Zionism. He addresses the Biblical precedents for the behaviors of modern Israel and we discuss possible outcomes of the Middle Eastern conflict in relation to Biblical "prophecy". Was the Biblical patriarch Abraham a Jew (in any sense of the word) and is there an "End Times"? Are believers within modern governments trying to manipulate events to fulfill Biblical predictions?


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SENSATIONAL INTERVIEW....on so many levels.

You should "re-air" it..... and hunt this guy down for a "follow-up" (ie: 2nd hour).

Thankyou :)
#1 - scottiegirl - 14/02/2014 - 06:05
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