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Susan Joy Rennison - Tuning the Diamonds & Cosmic Origins of Global Warming
May 10, 2007
Susan Joy Rennison author of "Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution" join us for this first hour to discuss the cosmic origins of global warming. Highlighted Topics Include: Earth energies, kundalini awakening, enlightenment, hell in the center of the Earth (Christian doctrine), Shaolin monks and needle magic, Mayan Prophecy, 2012 and New Age, the Sun: a ball of plasma, space is not empty, Russian theories, Donald Scott - The Electric Sky, solar system warming, energy from the galactic center, next solar maximum, evolutionary upgrades, crop circles and the new incoming energy, UFO's observing us, The Shuman Resonance, balance and our brain, hyper dimensional physics and Richard Hoagland. For the second hour, Susan begins talking about the disappearing bees but says the organically "grown" bees are seemingly not disappearing. Furthermore, she discusses topics such as: our DNA is being "programmed" by new incoming energies, stones growing Hair, "Junk" DNA", David Hudson, new elements, white powdered gold, galaxies and geometry, The Earth’s diamond core, the diamond shaped human energy field, diamonds as inter-dimensional doorways, Russian pyramid building, Giza Pyramids as a balancing device, Christopher Dunn and the Giza Power Plant, The Caduceus and humans balancing themselves and the Earth.


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