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Jake Kotze - Stargates, Hexagons, Cuboids & 9/11
May 31, 2007
Blogger, Jake Kotze is back to talk about his videos and articles including, "The 911 Stargate," "The Cuboid Stargate," & “The Saturn Hexagon”. Topics Highlighted: The Kaaba, the sphere, the wiz & The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City, Flight 93, the Big Apple, Freedom Tower, 2012, mankind rising through challenges from the “darkside", nature as a teacher, nothing is separate in the universe, Saturn hexagon, intelligent planets, the dying bees and the hexagon honeycomb, Richard Hoagland, the death star Lapetus, 2010, Jupiter, Saturn, crop circles as stargates and "UMMO".


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Contact with Higher Intelligence and the Saturn Hexagon (Video)

The Da Vinci chapel echoes to sound of Saturn

Cassini images bizarre hexagon on Saturn

Rosslyn cubes...


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