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Alan Watt - Bilderberg, Elites & The Navigators
June 3, 2007
Alan Watt discusses the Bilderberg meeting, the elites & the navigators. Topic Highlights: Bilderberg’s "ranking", DemoCrazy, the navigators, Club of Rome, hidden masters, the city of London, banks and the obelisk from Egypt, Order of the British Empire (OBE), Temple Bar, The Grey's Inn, The Grey's, the black & white checkerboard and the "Grey Man" of masonry (the man who walks between worlds), gen-technology from the 1500 - 1600, Pharaohs, reincarnation, soul transmutation, "Opening of the Mouth Ritual", Human Genome Project, eugenics, depopulation plans from the 50's using inoculations, George Soros & breaking the bank of England, the Swedish economy and Bilderberger Carl Bildt (Swedish Foreign Minister), Sweden & Denmark as "Experimental Countries", CIA funding both sides of revolutionary grops, the brain chip, and hierarchy infighting among clans.


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