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Micheal Sunanda - Extreme Weather, Global Warming & Permaculture
June 14, 2007
Author and Speaker Micheal Sunanda joins us for an excellent discussion about extreme weather, global warming & permaculture. Other Topics Discussed: Econesia, Gaia Rage, earth rebalancing, extreme weather cycles, the sun, solar flares , solar cycles, NASA controlling information about the sun, Al Gore - politics & big business, causes for global warming, weather manipulation, deforestation, vegetarianism & cow "emissions", taxing sheep in New Zealand, importation: shipping & transportation, rising sea levels, Bearing Sea melting, mass migrations, hurricanes cooling the ocean, humanity's farming history (5000 years without poisons), sustainable organic solutions, top soil, instincto, awareness about how products are grown and made and war and global warming.


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Norweigian glaciers continue to recede, some at fastest rate in 100 years

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