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    Red Ice Radio is an independent, thought provoking radio program, dedicated to bringing you diverse news, interviews and opinion, breaking the spell of the establishments mind control propaganda. This is not a show for the conformist or closed- minded but for those on the cutting edge of philosophy and analysis - for those that want to know what life really is all about. We interview some of the most groundbreaking authors, filmmakers and researchers in the world.

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    Rick FalkvingeWalter BlockRupert SheldrakeDan FoglerJesse VenturaJay Weidner, Barbara Hand Clow & Lawrence E. JosephRichard DewhurstGerald CelenteJohan OldenkampRandy PowellMikael JalvingMaria WheatleyScott BartleRosa KoireDean CliffordRichard GroveKevin BarrettRandall CarlsonDan JohnsonSusanne PoselPaul ConnettMatt Presti & Robert OteyRudy MazzocchiOle DammegårdChris ThomasBob DeanKenn ThomasMary Sean YoungChristopher Knight & Alan ButlerNick RedfernWill HartJose EscamillaSantos BonacciNick BryantMark WeberRauni-Leena Luukanen-KildeWilliam DavisRobert SchochRichard DolanCarl MunckJordan MaxwellDolores CannonPepe EscobarJohn Taylor GattoJ.J. & Desiree HurtakGeorge KavassilasJosh ReevesAdrian SalbuchiRobert FelixJohn PerkinsStefan MolyneuxGilad AtzmonScott OnstottAhmed OsmanChristopher DunnJohn ColemanFrank O'CollinsGary VeyJim MarrsTimothy GoodJeremy NarbyTracy TwymanPaul A. LaVioletteJames GillilandMichael DunningCarmen BoulterRick OsmonJudy WoodKlaus DonaMichael S. SchneiderBarbara LambAnthony Peake & Tom CampbellTom CampbellPeter DuesbergJacque Fresco & Roxanne MeadowsRichard C. HoaglandGraham HancockRichard SauderAlex PutneyRick StrassmanColin WilsonSterling AllanRobert HieronimusDennis FetchoJames CorbettSophia Stewart & Ed SmallJeffrey SmithLaird ScrantonErling StrandNancy TalbotAndrew CollinsScott StevensLeo RutherfordJames Evan PilatoAntoine GigalKlaus SchmidtKenneth HumphreysMichael S. HeiserClas Svahn

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    We produce radio programs, TV episodes and videos on a wide variety of topics. We interview researchers, authors and filmmakers on some of the most extraordinary and important topics: Geopolitics, Conspiracy, History, Ancient Civilizations, Secret Societies, Fraternal Orders, Esoteric and Occult Subjects, Politics, Science and New Technology, Transhumanism, Psychology, Space Weather, Earth Changes & Climate Change Fraud, Spirituality, Health, Religion, Epistemology, Philosophy, Big Pharma and Agriculture, Archeology, Surveillance, Tyrannical Governments, The Police State, Centralized Power, Fabian Tactics, The New World Order and much more.

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